7 Celebrities Who Worked On the Trucks in The Past

Everyone usually has their share of the mystery that life possesses. This applies to some of the famous celebrities today because quite a large number of them had a humble beginning. Although some people may be surprised to learn that their favorite superstar was once a truck driver, the reality is that the path to stardom is not always smooth- there are lots of harsh conditions to endure. Continue reading

Celebrities Involved in Single Parent Dating

celebrities-involved-in-single-parent-datingThere have been several reports of single parent dating among celebrities. Who says they cannot live a normal life again? It is unarguably a taxing task to be a single parent; in that, combining parenting duty with a career can be very stressful. Continue reading

Seniors Dating Among Celebrities

seniors-dating-among-celebritiesIt is true that there is no boundary to love and age should not be a restriction to finding happiness in life. Love is so strong that it can make the old forget about their age and act as if they are in their teens. It breaks down all walls of separation such as age, color, tongue, class, etc. Continue reading

Famous Thai Women That Look Ageless

famous-thai-women-that-look-agelessThailand is a Southeastern country of Asia. It is not only nice but also one of the most visited vacation destinations in the world. The country has a charming environment and nature at its best with green lands and mountains that make a perfect picturesque. And the most interesting fact about Thailand is an extensive collection of beautiful women. Continue reading

5 Top Beautiful Exceptional Filipina Women

5-top-beautiful-exceptional-filipina-womenThe Philippines is a country in the Southeastern Asia, and it is among the countries that have a large number of beautiful women in the world. There is no gainsaying about the fact that the larger portion of the Filipina women has the beauty to compete in the beauty pageant and walk down the runway successfully. You can see attractive women from the Philippines starring in world-class soap operas. These exquisitely beautiful Filipina women can be found excelling in their various careers. Continue reading

The Celebrities That Have Asian Partners

the-celebrities-that-have-asian-partnersQuite a lot has been said about interracial marriage among celebrities. There are famous white celebrities that have black or African partners and black celebrities that have white partners. As typical of love, which cannot be restricted by either color or race, there are also various celebrities that have a relationship with Asian women. Continue reading

Russian Model Irina Shayk Prepares For Marriage with Bradley Cooper

shayk-preparesIrina Shayk was born on January 6, 1986. She is a famous Russian model par excellence. She got the spotlight shining on her in 2007 when she secured a modeling contract for Intimissimi lingerie and had her debut in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. In 2011, she was ranked eighth in the world by Models.com for her social media following. Continue reading

Top 5 Beautiful Ukraine Women

top-5-beautiful-ukraine-womenOne thing that crosses the mind of anyone about Ukraine is their beautiful women. Ukraine has an extensive collection of women with exquisite beauty that can leave any man stunned. Continue reading

Why Celebrities Love Dating Russian Girls

Since several decades ago, Russia has been the land of the brides for men from all nooks and crannies of the world. Until now, Russian girls are not only fascinating but also desired by prominent people in the society. It is, therefore, not strange to see celebrities date and have relationships with girls from Russia. Men from all walks of life are interested in befriending Russian ladies for reasons that center on few or all of the reasons explained below. Continue reading

Notable Men with a Russian Bride

couples-colejFor several decades, Russia has witnessed a significant number of men marrying Russian women. It is unarguably evident that having a Russian bride is the most precious gift any man eternally cherish because Russian girls are famous for their exquisite beauty that makes people from all over the world prefer them to their female counterparts in other parts of the world. Continue reading