Celebrities who suffer from allergies

It is believed that more than fifty million people in the USA have some kind of allergy, and some famous faces are among them. Recently, Miley Cyrus had to cancel a concert due to severe allergic reaction, but she is certainly not the only celebrity struggling with allergies. Here are some others affected with the same problem. Continue reading

Emma Stone loves working with Andrew Garfield


Emma Stone re-teamed with her boyfriend Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider Man 2 and she enjoyed working with him.

The actress says that working with people you know has its benefits and especially loves filming with Andrew.

Speaking to Closer magazine, she said:  ”When it comes to working with people you already know, it’s much better and easier. Continue reading

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West moved into a hotel


OK! Magazine reports that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have moved out of Kris Jenner’s house and they are staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel since their mansion is being renovated.

It is said that Kanye couldn’t bear living with Kim’s mother anymore.

A source told the mag: ”Kris’ constant meddling took a toll on him. He was miserable and wanted his own space, but their house won’t be ready until the summer, so he and Kim have been staying at the hotel with North. They have a large suite for their living quarters and Kanye has another room that he uses to record in.”


Sylvester Stallone defends action movies


The Expendables 3 will be released in August and while Sylvester Stallone is very proud of his upcoming film, he couldn’t help but comment on the stigma of action movies, saying they deserve to be received as well as dramatic movies. He also pointed out how difficult and dangerous it is to make an action film.

Speaking to IGN, Stallone said:  ”Everyone has this conjecture that action films are somewhat less prestigious than dramatic films. Continue reading

Most highly paid actors in Hollywood

Most highly paid actors in HollywoodAccording to the Forbes magazine, each year are published the lists of the most successful actors, who’s work became the most highly paid in the entire Hollywood. This rating is based mostly on the honorary of the actors from the movies they perform in, as well as the advance payments the actors get for their participation in various projects and advertisings.

Continue reading

Kerry Washington: Filming while pregnant is a challenge


Kerry Washington is expecting her first child, but since her Scandal character Olivia Pope is not pregnant, filming the TV show was quite a challenge for the actress.

“I work very physically as an actor. The biggest thing for me has been the challenge of how to be this person Olivia Pope with the personal transformation that’s going on for me physically and how to stay true to this character. That hasn’t been easy,” she told the Hollywood Reporter. Continue reading

Juliette Binoche given a replacement Oscar


During an interview with Graham Norton, Juliette Binoche has revealed she had to have her Oscar award replaced because her son damaged the gold covering on the statuette.

The actress won the prestigious award for best supporting actress for her role in The English Patient, but it had to be replaced. Continue reading

Katie Holmes shares beauty tips


When it comes to beauty, Katie Holmes always sticks to what her mother taught her when she was a young girl – natural look and light make-up are the best. And it’s this minimalist approach that she incorporates in her work with Bobbi Brown cosmetics. Continue reading

Celebrities related to royalty

They certainly rule Hollywood, but did you know that some of our favorite celebrities happen to be descended from real royalty? While most people can only dream about being a royal, some stars are actually related to monarchs. Keep on reading and find out who they are. Continue reading

Johnny Depp: I’ve never googled myself

SHOWBIZ Insider 1

Computers and technology are definitely not Johnny Depp’s strong side and he prefers to stay away from the internet since he is afraid of what he may find about himself.

The actor admits he has never even searched for himself on Google.

He told Tele 2 Semaines magazine: ”I’ve never googled myself and I never will! I would be too scared to discover lies and horrible things written about me.” Continue reading