Andy Bell: Miley Cyrus is tacky

miley-cyrusSpeaking to BANG Showbiz, Erasure lead singer, Andy Bell, has slammed Miley Cyrus and her behavior. The singer thinks Miley’s stage antics, especially the performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards, are tacky and distasteful.

He said: ”To me it looks a bit tacky … and then I saw some pictures of her live on stage and I was like ‘oh my god’, you know, it wasn’t very tasteful”.

Bell also added: ”She’s young, she can get away with it … I think shocking for the sake of selling stuff is really, really base. I don’t think you have to stoop to that to sell stuff.”


Thandie Newton moving to Los Angeles

thandie-newtonUp until now Thandie Newton has managed to work in the United States without moving there, but things have changed and she is relocating her family from her native U.K. to Los Angeles.

The actress has landed a role in TV series Rogue and since her son Booker is only 4 months old, she needs to be with him all the time so the family is moving.

She told Mail: “We’re packed and ready to leave – the whole family… my son Booker is only four months old. I’m still breastfeeding so can’t be away from him… We won’t stay in L.A. forever. I’ll be back in time so that Booker doesn’t grow up with an American accent.”

Worst homophobic celebrity statements

Due to significant shift in global social and political attitude, growing number of countries recognize same sex marriage and gay rights have advanced in today’s society. However, there will always be people who have negative feelings toward homosexuality and homophobia can even be seen among celebrities. Here are some of the famous people who expressed homophobic attitudes. Continue reading

Taylor Swift gives love advice to young fan

Taylor SwiftBesides writing songs about love, Taylor Swift has started giving relationship advice to her fans.

A girl named Hannah reached out to Taylor via Instagram explaining her situation and saying she was madly in love with a guy who had a girlfriend and would never like her back.

“@taylorswift can you give me some advice maybe. I love you,” she wrote.

And Taylor actually replied to her. Continue reading

Evan Rachel Wood’s son denied passport

evan-rachel-woodDue to travel documents issues Evan Rachel Wood is facing a possibility of leaving her son in the US while she is abroad working.

The actress has been trying to get a passport for her one-year-old son so he could travel with her, but her application was rejected.

She wrote on Twitter: “My child keeps getting denied a passport because of our ‘home birth’ he has a birth certificate and everything they asked for… I am working out of the country and he is not being allowed to go with me. This can’t be legal!!!”

Jaime King opens up about fertility struggles

JaimeToday she is a happy mom of a 9 month-old baby boy James, but Jaime King went through painful struggle to have a baby.

The actress was fighting infertility for years and had five miscarriages and she has decided to share her story with all the women facing the same problems.

In an emotional Instagram post, Jamie wrote: “For all the struggling women & moms out there that think they are alone – This is the truth about conceiving my son and struggles after. Continue reading

Demi Lovato: I need a mature man

demiHaving in mind her past alcohol and drug addiction, as well as her eating disorder struggle, it’s no wonder Demi Lovato looks for emotional stability in a man she dates. She says she only dates men who are mature enough to support her mentally.

She told the Daily Mail newspaper’s YOU magazine: ”I would be slightly overwhelming for somebody who is not at a level of maturity to support me mentally.” Continue reading

Steven Seagal: I’m a real action hero

seagalSpeaking to Shortlist magazine, Steven Seagal compared himself to other action stars and said that, unlike most of them, he was a real action hero.

He explained that he does most of his own stunts while some of his colleagues only pretend to do them.

He said: ”I’m somebody who has been doing action a long time and who is a real action person in the sense that I’ve really done – and do – many of the things that other people pretend to do in their movies.”

Liv Tyler dating David Beckham’s friend

liv-tylerLiv Tyler is reportedly dating David Beckham’s best friend Dave Gardner. The couple was set up by Kate Moss.

A source told The Sun: ”This is the real deal. Dave and Liv are madly in love. They mix in the same circles because Dave hangs out a lot with a group that includes Kate and Stella McCartney.

”Kate ended up bigging up Dave to Liv as she thought they’d make a great couple. Continue reading

Kerry Washington: Oprah Winfrey and Lena Dunham create more opportunities for women

kerry-washingtonIn an interview with Stylist magazine, Kerry Washington, who is a vocal supporter of women’s rights, has praised Lena Dunham and Oprah Winfrey for creating more opportunities for women in Hollywood.

Asked what it is like to have fans such as Oprah, Lena and Claire Danes, Kerry said: ”It’s fun to hear that. There is a real circle of mutual respect. There are more opportunities for women and part of that is people like Lena and Oprah creating those opportunities and having a community that believes our successes and can help rather than take away from each other. Continue reading