Romanian Beautiful Women: Wonderful Celebrities

Romanian Beautiful Women: Wonderful CelebritiesContinuing the search for the most beautiful girls on the planet, today we would like to present Romanian beauties.

In the south-west of Europe there is an amazing mysterious country called Romania. It is associated with many people with the mystical Transylvania and gloomy legends about Count Vladislav Dracula. Continue reading

Costa Rica Girls – Famous Celebrities

Costa Rica Girls – Famous Celebrities-min
Many of us do not even suspect that large number of celebrities who have won various titles worldwide, are from Costa Rica.

Talking about Costa Rica women, it’s important to underline that these ladies are really special and have their esthetic beauty. Every time, in the company of different nationalities Costa Rica women win.

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Famous Morocco Women – Meet Celebrities Online

Famous Morocco Women
For many fans of the Brazilian TV series “Clone”, the beauty of Moroccan girls is associated with the main characters. See what Morocco women really are.
The population of the Kingdom of Morocco in North Africa is more than 32 million people, 99% of whom are Arab-Berbers, i.e. Berbers who have adopted the Arabic language and culture, including Islam. In Europe, there are about 3.5 million Moroccans. Continue reading

The Most Famous Polish Women Celebrities

The Most Famous Polish Women Celebrities-min
Discover famous Polish figures. Beautiful Polish women you should know about. Let’s get acquainted with the most popular girls from Poland.
For a long time Poland was famous for the charm and beauty of its women, one of which won the heart of Napoleon. For Russians, a couple of decades ago, Polish women were the standard of elegance and style. All fashionable women of the Soviet Union bought Polish cosmetics, handbags, handkerchiefs. Cosmetics Pollena and Pani Walewska was considered the best gift – if there were no French counterparts, half a country smelled of perfume “Maybe” from a small narrow-necked bottle … And what about modern Poles? Continue reading

Meet Slovakian Women – Beautiful Celebrities 2018

Meet Slovakian Women – Beautiful Celebrities 2018-minList of the famous Slovakian women. Discover the most popular and most beautiful girls from Slovakia.

Slovakia is located in Central Europe. Its capital, Bratislava, borders at once with two other European countries – Austria and Hungary. Slovakia occupies the second place in terms of forest resources after Austria, as almost half of the country is covered with forests. In Slovakia, there are many castles and fortresses. The Slovak language is usually called “Slavic Esperanto” since all Slavs will understand this language without any problems. Slovakia is a fairly religious country; 67% are Catholics; the second largest group – Protestants, Greek Catholics (4%) and Orthodox (1%). Continue reading

Famous People From Hungary – Hungarian Women Celebrities

Famous People From Hungary Hungarians have spread out far and wide across the globe, but do you know about the list of notable Hungarian women? Find the answer right now.

Hungarians is the largest of Finno-Ugric nation (14.5 million people), which belongs to the Ugric group. The alleged ancestral home of the Hungarians is the area east of the Urals. Unlike their closest language relatives, the Hungarians left in the steppe and began to lead a practically nomadic life. Currently, 8.5 million Hungarians live in Hungary. Large Hungarian Diasporas are in neighboring Romania (1.2 million) and the United States (1.5 million). The Hungarians profess Catholicism and Protestantism (mostly Calvinism). Continue reading

Wonderful Croatian Women – Meet Croatian Celebrities


Wonderful Croatian Women – Meet Croatian Celebrities-minCroatian Women are world known for their beauty. Meet the most beautiful women from Croatia.

The southern European state of Croatia is in the west of the Balkan Peninsula. This is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world and takes the 18th place in the ranking of the most popular countries among tourists. The state proclaimed independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. This country is also famous because of beautiful girls that live there. Continue reading

Top 10 Sexiest Serbian Women 2018

Top 10 Sexiest Serbian Women 2018-min
Wonderful Serbian girls are waiting to meet you. The most beautiful and sexiest women in Serbia online.
Serbs are famous for their attractive female beauty, sexuality, emotionality. They are not like everyone else – it’s better not to mess with them. Daring, sharp, fearless – and beautiful; bright features, burning eyes – this is a short description of a real Serbian woman.
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The Hottest Cuban Women

Wonderful Cuba women, popular all over the world. Meet the hottest girls right now at our online platform.

Cuba is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean, whose climate consists of three hundred sunny days a year. No wonder the famous writer Ehrenst Hemingway, who lived in Cuba, called this country “Paradise on Earth.” The inhabitants of this sunny state are famous for their hospitality and cordiality, but Cuban women are rightfully considered to be the most sunny and optimistic. Continue reading

Wonderful Greek Celebrities: Top 10 Greek Women

Wonderful Greek Celebrities_ Top 10 Greek WomenThey say “There is everything in Greece” and we would like to add “And beautiful girls are no exception”.

Greece is a sunny country, where a lot of beautiful Greece women live. But in our case we would like to provide you with the list if the most charming Greek women celebrities that are popular not only in the country, but beyond its borders. It included well-known actresses, singers, models and winners of beauty contests, living both in Greece and abroad and having Greek roots. Continue reading