10 Kids who earned a Hollywood Star

10 Kids who earned a Hollywood Star All the people in the world love children, and cannot keep smile on the face as soon as they see a cute child. The best thing about childhood- is the feeling that there is no opportunity that has been missed; yet, that the little person can grew and choose any profession on the Earth. Sometimes growing up, really reminds the process of turning from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly, and the star kids are not an exception from this rule. Here is the list of ten famous characters, who earned their “Hollywood Star” title, while being very young.

Michael Jackson

Michael JacksonHe cannot be mentioned in any other order than number one, as he is considered as the king of the pop stage and mainly it happen due to his hard working and many efforts upon it. He was born in a big family, and was the seventh out of nine children in the family. When he was eight years old he already became the soloist of the band which was organized by his father, and members of which were his brothers. The band’s name was “The Jackson 5”. In his interviews Michael was confessing not once that his father was mocking him a lot by the time he was small, as a result he grew up not knowing what a happy childhood, or simply childhood means, but being very good on the stage. When Michael was dancing he was forgetting about all the sad things in his life, and even if only for a few hours or minutes, he was feeling happy. That is why his biggest dream was the creation of his own family, where he Michael, would become that father for his children that he never had. His dream has come true only partially, as he did managed to have three children, but all the time was too busy with the concerts in order to spend some more time with them, and later has died, the reason of his death is still not well known and being under federal investigation.

Britney Spears

Britney SpearsOne of the loudest stories of a child’s growing up during the entire history of Hollywood has shown the young and talented singer Britney Spears. The entire world hardly breathing has watched her conversion from a cute and innocent little schoolgirl into a queen of sexuality. By the time she was eight years old she already was performing in a few Broadway plays, and four years later, at the age of twelve years old she became a new star of the “New Mickey Mouse Club”. It is interesting to know that till nine years old Britney was professionally engaged into artistic gymnastics, and even participated in the regional competitions, the same period of time she kept singing in the local Baptist church choir. So after being a part of “Mickey Mouse” club for two years she has decided that it is time to move on, and has written a demo disc, which she has sent to Jive Records studio, and as soon as they listened to it, they have offered her a contract, and that is how her carrier has begun. In 1999 she released the first album which was on the top of all possible charts for a very long time, and one year later the second not less successful album, which has opened her the doors to the cinema industry as she was invited to perform the main role in a movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprioLeonardo DiCaprio has been loved by the public since he was a young boy. His father has brought him to the first audition in his life by the time he was only two years and a half old. Hough the firm decision of becoming an actor has come to DiCaprio only when he turned fourteen years old and hired an agent who liked his hair and haircut. For a few years before the time when he was invited to perform some of his first serious roles, he already managed to take part in thirty advertisings and in a few episodes of “Santa Barbara” TV show. Later he started one successful project after another, this way not every actor can be proud of saying that the beginning of his carrier was near such famous already actors as: Robert de Niro, Helen Barkin and Johnny Depp. Currently the actor is considered as a love symbol, and is one of the most highly paid Hollywood actors in the world. He lives in his large Penthouse in Manhattan and is dating the most beautiful women in the world. So yes, he has managed to make all of his childhood dreams come true, but all those dreams have taken him a lot of efforts in order to come true, and it was worthy, like in the good old saying “no one said it is going to be easy, but people said it was worthy”.


Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel RadcliffeThere is no child, or even adult in the world that wouldn’t be familiar with the story of the young magician wearing round glasses and having a scar on the forehead “Harry Potter”. After performing Harry Potter’s character in the saga written by Joanne Rowling he woke up being famous. The filming of the legendary movie started in 2000 when he was eleven. Since that time the popularity of the movie haven’t decreased at all. Besides being an actor, Daniel is also a poet; his poems were published under the pen name Jacob Gershon.  It is interesting to know that in 2009 Daniel got into the World’s Guinness book as the most highly paid actor of the decade.  Daniel has made a huge contribution to the struggle for the rights of people belonging to sexual minorities. In 2009 he participated in the “Trevor” advertising which was produced by the organization that is dealing with educational materials about homosexuality and prevention of suicide between those people when they are being teenagers who are stressed by the society’s frames. The actor even made a donation to this organization, in order to help and do all the possible that he can.

Emma Watson

Emma WatsonThe popularity of all eight most important characters in the movies about Harry Potter was very high, but one actress has managed to catch the biggest part of media attention during the time when she grew up from a little nine year old girl who got the role of a young magician into the young lady that she has become. While little Hermione Granger was growing and becoming adult, the actress Emma Watson who performed her character in the movie also grew up. While shooting the saga, the actress was involved with the contract that was regulating her entire life, starting from physical appearance, and finishing with behavior in public. And as soon as filming of the last part was finished, Emma done the thing she was dreaming of for a very long time, she has cut her long gorgeous hair. It is interesting to know that in 2009, Emma, same as Daniel Radcliffe has entered the world’s Guinness book as the most highly paid actress of the decade. In 2009, besides being an actress Emma has also started the carrier of the model, and became the official face of “Burberry” brand, in 2010 “Burberry” has renewed their contract with her and in 2011 Emma started representing “Lancôme”. Elle Style magazine has announced Emma as an icon style the same (2011) year.

Justin Timberlake

Justin TimberlakeAll the graduates of the “Mickey Mouse Club” very becoming popular, but that of course in the case, if they were working hard, and making efforts in order to become something more than a child star. That is how a young and charming boy, with a lot of hard working grew up into a really charismatic actor and musician.  His carrier in Hollywood started by the time he was only twelve years old and since that time he already got four “Emmy” awards, six “Grammy” awards and all of them for the few mega popular CD’s that he released. He started his carrier in the music being a part of the “N’sync” music band in 1995, and later in 2002 he decided that he wants a solo carrier, it happened same time when he and Britney Spears have broke up. It was a difficult moment in his life, but it also has stimulated him to become the successful person he is today. In 2006 Justin has started his carrier in the cinema, and it is interesting that he got only positive reviews from the critics for his performance. In 2012 Justin got married with the actress Jessica Biel, who became the reason of his breakup with the actress Cameron Diaz in 2007.

Natalie Portman

Natalie PortmanOne of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Natalie Portman has started her carrier as a cinema star at the age of thirteen years old, when she debut in the cult movie “Leon” directed by Luc Besson. Although her performance was not underlined with any awards for that role, the critics have highly appreciated her talent and performance. All of her summer vacations Nathalie was spending in the theatre camp, since ten years old she was already attending various castings, this way when one of the “Revlon” agents have offered her becoming a model when she was eleven, she has refused, as she wanted to stay concentrated only upon her carrier as an actress, she always was very ambitious, and knew exactly what she wanted or liked, and that is why she worked really hard in order to get those things, that was the thing which made her different from all the other kids around her. She was a very serious child. Today Natalie is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood; her talent is highly rated as she is able to perform in any genre. She is an active defender of animal rights and saving the natural environment (this way she never wears fur, leather or feathers, besides all of the listed above she is also a vegan).


Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten DunstKirsten Dunst has captivated the entire planet Hollywood with her role in the movie “Interview with the Vampire” where she played Claudia’s character- who was a growing up young woman “stuck” in the body of small vampire girl. For the performance in this movie, at the age of twelve years old she was nominated for the “Golden Globe” movie award for the best supporting actress. After finishing the school, Kirsten has continued her carrier as an actress, which later after she became popular has made going through some difficult period of time, in one of her interviews she even accused her mother for the fact that she has stolen her childhood, later she also stated that probably it was made for her own sake, but still it was hard for her. Probably that was the reason that brought her to the depression in 2008, in order to cure which she went to the treatment center in Utah, later she has explained that she felt very depressed for six months before going to the clinic. Later she explained it all to the media, in order to help with her example other successful actresses that are dealing with the same problem. Since 2012 the actress is in a relationship with the actor Garrett Hedland.

Drew Barrymore

Drew BarrymoreDrew Barrymore is one of the most famous child stars by the end of eighties.  Her carrier has begun when she was only a few months old, with appearing in a commercial advertising. When she was six years old she performed in the legendary movie directed by Steven Spielberg “The alien” and that was the time when she made the final choice of a profession. After this movie she played in a few others that were less successful, but gave her a title of America’s idol. Her sharp transformation from a regular child into a super star was not simple, as she started attracting attention already not as an actress but as a source of some “dirty” sensations, such as: alcoholism, addiction to drugs and a few attempts of suicide that brought her to psychiatric clinics. When she was fifteen she sued her own mother and won the right to take care of her carrier on her own. A year later she published an autobiographic book “the little lost girl”, and a year later she was already posing nude for “Playboy” magazine. It is very difficult for a child actor to pass from a child to adult roles, but Drew has solved this problem in her own way- she changed the genre of her characters into a sexy villain, so all the public turned the attention upon her wiles, instead of age. Today the almost forty year’s old actress is the head of her own producing studio.

Miley Cyrus

Miley CyrusThe idol of the modern teenagers all over the world Miley Cyrus has started her way to the Hollywood heights since being a little girl. When she was eleven she debut in the movie directed by Tim Burton- “The Big Fish”, though the fame and popularity she gained Miley Stewart’s role in “Hannah Montana” TV show.  According to the main idea of the show Cyrus was leading a double life, the life of a regular teenager, and of a mega popular singer. Some of the fans still believe that in this TV show she has performed her own real life. For this show, Miley has written and recorded two sound tracks, that later became the beginning of her carrier as a singer. It is interesting to know that Miley is a big fan of tattoos, she has more than eighteen of them already, and all of them have some special meaning for her. Currently she is single, and the most important thing for her is her successful carrier.


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4 responses to “10 Kids who earned a Hollywood Star”

  1. Sarah says:

    Is this is a fate or their hard work, or both in the mix. Still, one cannot blame the list for the non-talented kid sin it. All the celebrities enumerated here are definitely very talented and have reached certain heights in the entertainment industry. I believe they all deserve a Hollywood star even if some of them are absolutely crazy to my mind.

  2. Olga says:

    Well those kids have really won that Hollywood star and I am wondering how did it helped them if in the majority of cases it has simply ruined their lives instead of making them happy, as they have done everything they could and even more in order to destroy their own lives. Probably there is an age for any stage in person’s life, and if this stage is happening earlier than it is supposed to than it might bring to non expected consequences.

  3. Keyra says:

    From all this gathering of child stars most of all I admire Justin Timberlake, as he has done a great job in order to become the person he is today, from the one that he was when he started his carrier. The other fact that I respect about him, is no matter how hard it was for him to let go on his love to Britney Spears, he managed not to break but to go on living and become successful, usually when people are suffering as much as he did they are breaking from inside and start dealing with the depression they are in by means of alcohol or drugs, while he didn’t appeal to any of those. In fact all he has done was working hard. His song “Cry me a river” has shown how deep he was hurt, but also has shown that he doesn’t care, and it was truly a great song, while the song “What goes around comes back around” which was written many years later when he was already happy with another woman, has shown how much he was hurt by Britney, and that he didn’t go through it that easy as he was showing. Well what can I say, he is that rare example of a child star whose fame didn’t kill all the good things in him, and I guess his parents have done a great job in his education.

  4. Nicole says:

    Mmm, I guess if there is a child star who has gone through all the kind of troubles in her life, than it is Drew Barrymore for sure. During her life till teenager age, she tried everything- from all types of alcohol to all types of drugs, which even lead her to suing her own parent. How can a person ever do something like this? She looks like a very kind woman and nice woman now, but it took her a lot of effort and strength to become that person that she is today, and I feel sorry for her parents who had to suffer all the changes in their daughter’s character. And from the other side, I guess they are the ones responsible for her bad behavior, it is a well known fact that what a parent puts into his child, same thing the parent has back. Drew has been a very nice girl in her childhood, but the moment when she was growing and needed her parents most of all, apparently they were not there for her as they wanted their daughter to be a star much more, than they wanted her to be happy, so eventually they got that kind of result.