15 Best fathers at Hollywood

15 Best fathers at Hollywood There is nothing better in this world than a caring father who is taking care of his children; this is an amazing view that is worthy all the compliments in the world. There is no woman on the Earth who wouldn’t fall for this kind of man, and eventually it is something worthy.

Mel Gibson

Mel GibsonThe first place is held by the hero father Mel Gibson who is proud to have seven children. In June 1980 the Hollywood actor has married with the actress Robyn Moore who happily gifted her husband with six sons and one daughter. Hannah was born in 1980, the twins Edward and Christian were born in 1982, William was born in 1985, Louis was born in 1988, Milo was born in 1990 and Thomas in 1999. The couple already has two grandchildren. Gibson’s marriage with Moore, during many years was considered as an ideal. That is why the news that Robyn has filled the acts for divorce has become a real surprise. In April 2009 she made public the news that she wants to separate completely with the father of her seven children, her only requirement was the mutual custody upon their son Thomas who was a teenager still. Later the entire world found out that Mel had an affair with the Russian singer Oxana Grigorieva. In October 2009, at the age of 53 years old Mel became a father for the eighth time, Oxana has born him a daughter- Lucia. Gibson gave his name to the girl, but didn’t propose her mother. It is well known the fact that they are not living together anymore, as Oxana got back together with her ex husband Timothy Dalton, who is also a very famous actor.

Eddie Murphy

Eddie MurphyThe second place is taken by the other hero father who is known as the actor specializing in comedy genre Eddie Murphy. He is one of the most famous actors. In April 2007, right on Eddie’s birthday he got an unusual gift from his ex girlfriend Melanie Brown (from ex Spice Girls) who told him that she has a daughter from him, whose name is Angel Iris. The actor was declining her words for a very long period of time, but after he has made the DNA test, he could deny it any longer. This way Angel has become his eighth child. From the first marriage with Nicole Mitchell, the comedian has four daughters: Bria (born in November 1989), Shane Audrey (born in October 1994), Zola Ivy (born in December 1999), Bella born in January 2002) and a son Myles Mitchell (born in November 1992). Eddie and Nicole lived in legal marriage for twelve years, they got married in 1993, and in July 2005 Mitchell has filled the papers for divorce.  The other two children Murphy had from two different women with who he had passionate affairs, the son Eric who is his first child, was born in July 1989 there is practically no information about his mother. His second son Christian was born by the end of 1990, his mother is the actress Tamara Moore. Eddie spends all of his free time with the children.

Brad Pitt

Brad PittThe third place is held by Brad Pitt who is the father of six children, mostly known not only as an actor, but also as the husband of Angelina Jolie. Currently they have three biological children, first was born their daughter Shiloh Nouvel in May 2006, and after her in May 2008 were born their twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline, also together they have three adopted children: the sons Maddox and Pax Tien, and the daughter Zahara. All of the children in the family have the last name Jolie-Pitt. Their family is surrounded by rumors and jokes, one of the favorite jokes is: Brad doesn’t know where from do the children in their house appear, as from each visiting of third world country Angelina comes back with a new baby, as a souvenir, of course it is all just a joke, but still there is a little point in those jokes. It is interesting thing that on the left shoulder of Brad’s wife there is a tattoo with geography data of all the places where Angelina’s and Brad’s children were born. Probably it is one of the cutest things ever done by a mother for her children. The happy couple states that in the future they will surely have some more children.


Ethan Howke

Ethan HowkeThe forth proud place is taken by Ethan Howke who is happy to have four children. He is a famous American writer, and the ex husband of the actress Uma Thurman, from the marriage with the actress, which lasted since 1998 till 2005 he has two children: a daughter Maya Ray and a son Levon Rowan. It is interesting to know that Ethan’s current wife used to work as a babysitter in his family with Uma Thurman, she has gifted Ethan with two more children: the daughters Clementine and Indiana. The famous actor confessed that he loved Uma Thurman very much, and probably a part of his soul will always love her as she is the mother of his children, but together with her he didn’t feel very happy as she is same in her day to day life, as the image that she is carefully keeping in public. There is no passion with her; she was always too well educated and refined for him.  With her he felt like he is never good enough for her, as a result it was a hard time for him in the carrier also. With Rayana Etan is on the same wave and he is happy about it, she is proud to have him by her side and is supporting him in everything single step or decision he is taking. In the future they plan about having more children.


David Becham

David BechamThe number five father in our rating is the person who brought the meaning of football into a completely new level- David Becham. The former player of Manchester United according to the general public’s opinion is one of the most beautiful athletes in the world. Together with the wife Victoria (former singer of the Spice Girls) they are educating three sons (Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James and Cruz David) and a little girl Harper Seven. Not a long time ago the entire Becham family has moved to Los Angeles. As soon as David stepped away from his carrier of a football player he got some more time for the family, and he enjoys every single moment spent with it. Due to this change he started spending more time with the sons, who enjoy playing sportive games with their dad. The elder son of the family, Brooklyn is already a rising star as well, and he has all the chances to beat the fame which is surrounding his family.  But the happiest child in the family is of course Harper as her father spoils and adores her at the top of his powers, the best thing is that he is not the only person in the family who spoils her, all the boys enjoy taking care of their little sister.

Jude Law

Jude LawThe famous British actor who a long time ago has broken the heart of not one Hollywood’s beauty is placed on the sixth place of the rating. He became mostly famous after performing in the movie “The talented Mister Ripley”, and in “Sherlock Holmes”, though of course he played in a variety of other Hollywood movies. During his marriage with the first wife Sadie Frost which lasted for merely six years, were born three of his children: daughter Iris, and the sons: Rafferty and Ruby. Later in his personal life were a few other scandalous love stories, everyone knows the story of love and hate between him and the famous top model Sienna Miller, whom he even proposed but it was just not meant for them to become a family, even though they tried once again after a few years of breakup, they still finished the relation. During his love affair with the model from New Zealand- Samantha Burk was born their daughter Sofia. The actor is a very complicated person; he states that he is not able to find a woman who would be able to love him and take him the way he is, that is why he enjoys spending time with the children so much, as they are honest, and they love him the way it is, without looking for some pluses or minuses, advantages or disadvantages of communication with him.

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce BrosnanThe seventh place is held by the famous agent 007, he is the person who performed in four movies about the famous agent, and his name is Pierce Brosnan. In 1974 he met his first wife the Australians actress Cassandra Harris. At that moment she already had two children: a three years old daughter Charlotte and a two years old son Christopher. When in 1986 the real father of her children has died, Pierce Brosnan has adopted both of them and gave them his last name. The couple in love married in December 1980, and in September 1983 was born their mutual son- Sean, in 1987 Cassandra was diagnosed with cancer and four years later she died. After his wife’s death Pierce was single for a very long time, and only ten years later he married the journalist Kelly Shey Smith. Together they have two sons: Dylan Thomas born in 1997 and Paris Beckett born in 2001. All the friends of the family are stating that Pierce Brosnan is a wonderful father to all of his children. As well as hi is a wonderful husband, Pierce is a real gentleman he knows how to treat his woman and does everything he can in order to make her feel happy and unique, as this is how he feels about her.

Mick Jagger

Mick JaggerThe eight places are held by Mick Jagger who is a legendary English musician who performs mainly the rock music. The front man of the Rolling Stones band he is at the same time the author of the phrase that became famous “love, drugs and rock’n’roll”, he was twice married, but at the same time he had multiple affairs.  His first wife has become Bianca de Macias, in May 1971 the in love got married, and only a few months after their wedding, in the October of the same year were born their daughter Jade Sheena. In May 1978 they got divorced. While being married with Bianca the musician was in a relationship with the famous model Jerry Hall who born him four children. In 1984 Jerry and Mick created their first mutual child- the daughter Elizabeth Scarlett, and in 1985 were born their son James Leroy Augustine. Five years later Mick finally proposed Jerry and she agreed to become his wife.  Their third child (daughter Georgia May Aisha) was born in 1992, and five years later, in 1997 was born their fourth child Gabriel Luke Bogart. Practically after he was born there was published the information in the media that their marriage is collapsing, and the reason for it was Jagger’s new love- the model Luciana Morad. The top model appeared very suddenly in the life of the rock singer, and she completely destroyed his marriage when she said in an interview in 1999 that she is expecting a baby from Mick. That was the moment when Jerry asked for divorce.  In May 1999 Luciana born Lucas Morad Jagger who became the seventh child of the musician, they are living together till nowadays.

George Foreman

George ForemanThe ninth place is occupied the famous athlete and legendary boxer who has a fantastic power, as well as the Olympic champion, and a double world’s champion in a heavy weight who lives in a small rancho now and is actively doing charity work as well as reading Bible at church is educating ten children, that’s right ten. In March 1985 George Foreman married with Mary Joanne a girl originally from a very beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea, who became his first and only wife; she is the person who gifted him with ten children. George and Mary are very proud parents of five daughters and five sons. It is interesting to know that the entire ex boxer’s sons have the name George, George Junior, George the third, and George the forth, George the Fifth, and George the Sixth, though four elder sons have also nicknames: Monk, Big Veil, Red and Little George. While all of the daughters luckily have different names: Frida George, Georgette, Michie, Leola and Natalie. All the spare time George spends with the family or at church, he says that in order to be a happy person you do not need to be rich financially, but you need to be rich spiritually, and what can be more important when from the spiritual point of view than children and beloved woman.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold SchwarzeneggerOn the tenth place is the famous athlete, a great Hollywood actor, and the former governor of the California state- Arnold Schwarzenegger who have five children. People mostly know him as the Terminator as he really was amazing in that movie and it made him a legend for many, many years in a row. He was married with the niece of the former President John F. Kennedy – Maria Shriver who born him four children. The daughters: Catherine Eunice and Christina Maria Aurelia, and the sons: Patrick and Christopher Sergeant Shriver. Besides that after leaving the post of the thirty eighth governor of California, Schwarzenegger has made public the news to the entire world that more than ten years ago was born his son from the affair with the housekeeper who used to work at their house in that moment. His son’s name is Joseph. Maria always was a very proud woman who comes from a family with huge influence in the United States that is why she could not forgive the man who was the love of her life and with who she had four children for cheating on her and betraying her in such a awful and unexpected way, she was there for him than he needed her and as soon as he got a great life he completely forgotten about her.

Jean Reno

Jean RenoThe eleventh place belongs to one of the best and most famous actors in France- Jean Reno. He is the father of six children. The French star who became famous after performing the role of a killer with a kind heart in the movie “Leon” in his real life is same carrying person, there is nothing more important for him than his family, and he is ready to do anything in order to keep them happy. His first wife was Genevieve whom he met while studying, they had same course of lessons, she born him a daughter Sandra and a son Michael. The second wife was the famous model from Poland- Nathalie Dashkevich- she also gifted him with a son Tomah and a daughter Serena. But unfortunately their marriage was not meant to last till the rest of their lives as well, though Jean had some great expectations about it. A few years ago Jean Reno has blessed to meet the love of his life for the third time, this time he married with the successful model and actress Sofia Borka who born him two sons: Cello and Dean. Jean feels happy as never before and even after many years of marriage with Sofia he feels that he loves her same as the first time he met her and fall crazily in love with her big brown eyes.

Kevin Costner

Kevin CostnerThe twelfth place is taken by the actor who was able to win the Oscar award as the best male actor for two times during his carrier. He performed in such legendary movies like: “Dances with the wolves”, “The bodyguard” (in which he performed the main role along with the singer Whitney Houston) and in “The Sea World”. From each of the two marriages he had, he has three children. From the first marriage that he had with the actress Cynthia Silva he has children: Annie, Lily and Joe, and from the second marriage with Christine Baumgartner (they are still married) – Hayes Logan, Grace Everly and Caden Wyatt. Beside that he has a son who was born from his friend Brigitte Rooney- their son’s name is Liam.  The good thing about Kevin is though he is a very talented person and adores his work very much, he also finds time in his busy schedule to give attention to all of his seven children, and actually it is a very important thing, as this way he keeps the bonds between father and children very close. And it doesn’t really matter whether the children are from the first or second marriage; the most important thing for him is to be there for them when they need him.


Matt Damon

Matt DamonThe thirteen places in our rating belong to the famous actor Matt Damon; he is the proud and happy father of four children. It is interesting to know that Matt is the best friend of the actor Ben Affleck. And also it is interesting to know that he has a “twin” between actors, it is the actor Mark Wahlberg, their fans from time to time are getting confused with who is who when they meet them in the street.  Matt Damon has become popular after performing in the trilogy about the famous secret agent Jason Bourne, and also due to the movies about the adventures of the Ocean’s friends. In 2005 me married with the actress originally from Argentina, her name is Luciana Barroso, at that moment the actress already had a daughter Alexia from her previous marriage. Matt has adopted her, and always considers her as a child of his own, he thinks that the real father is not the one who is biological one, but the one who spreads all of his love and care upon his children. During their marriage Luciana has gifted Matt with three other charming daughters: the first daughter they named Isabella, the second Gia Zavala, and the third one Stella Zavala. The actor is very happy and says that at home he is always met by a blooming garden of his wife and daughters.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark WahlbergThe fourteenth place was granted to Matt Damon’s “twin” brother Mark Wahlberg, who is enchanted to have four children. He became famous due to his public due to performing in such movies like “The perfect storm”, “Planet of the monkeys” and “Max Pain”. Mark has grown up in a big family that is why he always dreamed of having a big family of his own. Mark is the youngest ninth child in the family that is why it is no wonder that in his union with the model Rea Durham there already are four children. It is interesting to know that their two sons and one daughter (Michael, Brendan Joseph and Ella Ray) were born before they got married, as Mark and Rhea made their relationship official marriage only eight years since the beginning of their relationship. Their younger daughter Grace Margaret was born after the wedding. The couple is very happy, and despite the traditions in Hollywood there actors or actresses keep changing their partners same as movies in which they perform, Mark is stating that he has chosen the woman with whom he will live till the rest of his life and this is the truth. He is a very carrying father and he freaks out when he sees his girls chatting in some social networking with boys.

Robert de Niro

Robert de NiroThe fifteenth place in our rating was given to the actor Robert de Niro for the fact that he has six children. The Hollywood’s legendary actor has performed in more than one hundred of movies during his carrier. His first wife was the actress and famous singer Diane Abbott who by the moment of their marriage with Robert de Niro had already a daughter from a previous relation. By the way Drina de Niro has performed for a few times in the movies with the adoptive father. From this marriage was born his first son Rafael. The second woman that he has chosen for spending the lifetime with became the mode Tookie Smith. Robert de Niro was educating two twin boys: Julian Henry and Aaron Kendrick (they were born by surrogate mother, but the famous actor underlined the fact that he was the father of the children for a few times. And finally the third spouse of the actor, the actress Grace Hightower has born Robert two more children: a son Elliot and a daughter Helen. Due to Grace’s kindness and patience their marriage is lasting for that long, if she didn’t loved him that madly as she does, they would never been able to last for that long together.

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