Abbie Cornish enjoyed working on ‘RoboCop’

abbie-cornish-robocop-world-premiere_4052967 In an interview with BANG Showbiz, Abbie Cornish has admitted she took the role in RoboCop without reading the script because she is a huge fan of the 1987 original movie and she wanted to work with director José Padilha and actor Gary Oldman.

“I was attracted to the film because it was part of my childhood, also I wanted to work with Jose and Gary Oldman,” the 31-year-old actress said.

“It was a role I took because of the director and the actors, I didn’t read a script when I took this role on I just took it because I had a good feeling about it.”

Abbie had great time on set and feels lucky she got a role in RoboCop.

abbie-cornish-the-cinema-society-with-hugo_4121939Speaking at the world premiere of the film at London’s BFI IMAX South Bank last night, she said: “I would literally turn up in Toronto, I’d fly back and they’d be like you’re not leaving on Wednesday you’re leaving on Friday. I’d say, ‘Why.’ And they’d be like, ‘Because you have a scene with Gary Oldman.’ I’d be speechless, and thinking, ‘I have a scene with Gary Oldman!’ I felt like I got lucky constantly shooting this film.”

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2 responses to “Abbie Cornish enjoyed working on ‘RoboCop’”

  1. Mike says:

    Happy Abbie Cornish – happy me! This lady is simply gorgeous, very charming and definitely a very bright actress. I am glad she has enjoyed working on RoboCop movie and I wma looking forward to its release date to see how Abbie coped with her role. I am sure she did her best and since she was so excited about acting in this film and working with Gary Oldman was so pleasant to her, I believe the movie will turn 100% it best!

  2. Christopher says:

    Abbie Cornish would perfectly fit the new RoboCop movie. She looks just perfect in the picture of the article! This is a gorgeous woman and a very talented actress. I cannot see a better candidate for the role of the movies. I know it is still much to wait till the release date, but I am looking forward to it with much anticipation, already.