Actors who always look the same in movies

Whether they are character actors or super stars, some actors hardly ever change. They go from movie to movie playing virtually the same role, doing pretty much the same things. Whereas some actors will dramatically undergo changes in their appearance for a film; others simply walk on set as themselves. This isn’t always a bad thing. Some actors are so good they don’t need to do something dramatic to fill the shoes of their role. Or, they are often typecast due to previous success and unique appearance or personalities. This is a list of actors who seem to always look the same.

Ed Harris








He’s been nominated for four Academy Awards and is one of the finest actors in Hollywood. He also looks exactly the same today as he did fifteen years ago. Harris has played a number of cops and government officials in his time, although he did play some bad guys too but he always looks the same.

Richard Gere








Richard Gere has a knack for playing arrogant lawyers and businessmen and is often seen in suits. He got his start in 1973 and quickly established himself as a leading man and love symbol. Through the years he’s kept the same basic appearance and brings a certain charm that gives each of his roles a memorable, endearing quality.

Morgan Freeman








He’s one of the most prolific actors of all time, starring in a handful of films a year ranging from Oscar contenders to direct-to-DVD flops. He often plays the older, wiser counterpart to the more hot-headed lead, and does a fine job doing it. But I bet if you were to line up a screen shot of him from each of his roles over the last 20 years, it would be hard to assign each picture to the proper film. Though he doesn’t quite “phone in” his performances, he does rely on the same bag of tricks then and again, and has one of the most famous voices in Hollywood thanks to the numerous films he’s also narrated.

Jason Bateman








As great as the show is, Arrested Development has not been kind to its stars, at least in terms of the risk of typecasting. Any character on that show could have made this list, but the one who appears in the most films and sporting the same physical appearance is the lead: Jason Bateman. Hehas continually gotten work in the years since the show ended, playing men similar to his character on the show. And in terms of style, Bateman sports pretty much the same hairstyle from year to year, and the confused, in-over-his-head look never seems to disappear from his face.

Stanley Tucci








Stanley Tucci is a fine character actor, and often plays the gay assistant or best friend, with a thing for ties and spectacles. He plays the part well and makes even the smallest of roles enjoyable, but there’s no denying that he’s been typecast due to his rather unique appearance and demeanor.

Jason Statham








Statham is arguably the biggest action star of this generation. He looks absolutely the same in every movie, especially when you consider that he always seems to play the same part: the badass. Sure, director Guy Ritchie tries to give him a bit more to do, but even then Statham is dressed in nice clothes, in need of a good shave, and one second away from blowing your head off if you cross him.

Vin Diesel








The man plays the same part in every film he’s in. It’s worth noting that when Diesel first came to Hollywood he wanted to be a serious actor, but no one would look past his bulky physique. When he was cast as Xander Cage in XXX, he exploded onto the scene as one of our generation’s biggest and most successful action stars. He even played the same character in the family film The Pacifier, a film no one took seriously which resulted in Diesel going back to his old ways.

Bruce Willis








One of the biggest action movie stars barely takes the time to do any interesting projects or to do anything more than play the grumpy, reluctant action hero. Not only does he act the same in every part, he looks the same too.

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