Alec Baldwin leaving New York?

AB1 In an inteview with, Alec Baldwin has revealed he is thinking about leaving his native New York and moving somewhere else with his family.

The actor recently lost his talk show, following the incident where the 55 year-old directed an anti-gay slur at a photographer who was trying to take a snap of his family. But this was hardly his first clash with a paparazzo. Baldwin has been involved in several incidents with photographers and now he wants to leave the Big Apple.

He said: “Public life now, it is just, it is horrible. It is horrible. It’s so awful… New York is just… I go out the door of my house, every day there’s all these photographers here. We have a little baby, you think I want my kid raised like that?

alec-baldwin-and-hilaria_3951244“My ex-wife raised my other daughter in Los Angeles. What does Los Angeles mean…? It means gated living. You pull up to a gate, you go behind a wall and you’re done with it. You get out of valet parking, you go into a restaurant, you’re on private property. Your feet never touch public land! I think to myself there’s so many other places to live to be happy… I have to walk down completely different routes. I feel like I am paddling against the current.”

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One response to “Alec Baldwin leaving New York?”

  1. James says:

    Alec Baldwin is right. It is a great stress to live when you are followed by paparazzi, stalkers and fans. Every normal man wants a peaceful life for himself and his family. No normal baby can develop when you are in private property, people need freedom and need to be sure to stand freely on a public land. So, it so cool Alec has decided to change the location. If you do not like the place where you live – change it as you are not a tree that has roots.