Alec Baldwin’s daughter to be Oscars fashion correspondent

Alec-Baldwin-Ireland Couple of days after her father Alec Baldwin has announced his retirement from the public life, Ireland Baldwin is stepping up her game. The 18-year-old model has signed on to be a fashion correspondent for news show Entertainment Tonight at the Oscars.

She will join Joe Zee on the red carpet at Sunday’s Academy Awards.

Excited about her new gig, Ireland told Us Weekly magazine: “I’m not used to being on camera so it’s interesting, but it’s so much fun working with Joe. It just feels like you’re having a conversation.”

Alec’s beautiful daughter has been working as a model recently and has appeared in W Magazine, Vanity Fair and more.

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4 responses to “Alec Baldwin’s daughter to be Oscars fashion correspondent”

  1. Samanta says:

    I believe is it very cool to be an Oscar fashion correspondent and unlike her father, Alec Baldwin’s daughter will be in the midst of social life watching the latest fashion news and tendencies. I am glad she is happy and excited abut her new job. She is a stunning lad and will make up a perfect red carpet correspondent in my opinion.

  2. Mary says:

    Good job Ireland, I find it very nice that though she was born in a very wealthy and powerful family, as far as I know the Baldwin family always was very rich and powerful, and they are quite close to the senator, she still feels the wish to work, instead of “sitting” on the neck of her family and do nothing except attending parties, discovering some new places where to hang out, and basically living her life utmost. Probably her dad is really proud of her, I mean I would certainly be, if I were him, but Thank God I am not, as I am a girl.

  3. Renee says:

    So the spoilt brat has found herself a new toy now, now she is a correspondent for the Oscar ceremony, I find it very disgusting when rich people do not know how to entertain themselves more and find their selves an event where they can show off in public even more than they were doing before. For me it is weird and annoying, I wish everyone would work hard in order to achieve everything he has, as much as I do, this way the world would be much better, as people would respect each other much more.

  4. Randy says:

    Well, I think if a person comes from a talented person, than it is simply impossible not to be talented in at least something. Ireland Baldwin has already shown that though she is from a rich family she is able to work her ass hard, as it is not that easy to be a model, you should always correspond to some standards, be on diet almost the whole year round, and say no to many pleasant things in life, maybe not that healthy but certainly pleasant ones. So I am glad for her new achievement of becoming a correspondent on the red carpet floor, though this world is very familiar to her since being a little girl I am sure it is still a lot of fun to her.