Ali Larter reveals how she lost baby weight

A Larter 08202013 sp GCN Actress Ali Larter graces the cover of the new September issue of Health magazine and she looks amazing. However, she reveals that it took her 5 months of special diet and workout regime to lose the 45 pounds of baby weight. The Varsity Blues star gave birth to her son Theodore in 2010.

She said: “A lot of women say that they breastfeed and the pounds come right off, but for me and actresses like Busy Philipps, who enjoy our cake, it’s not going to come off in two months.

ali_larter“Mine came off at about five months, after working out a lot and doing a food delivery service… I tend to work out for an hour about four days a week, and I love to run. It’s the quickest way, with my busy schedule, to be able to enjoy my life and keep my weight at where I want it to be. Sometimes I grab a trashy magazine and hit the treadmill. But I prefer to go for a nice run outside.”

Ali has also started taking ballet lessons after playing a dance teacher in new movie Lovesick. “I played a ballet teacher. I took 10 ballet lessons, and I loved it. My body really responded to it, so I have been taking barre classes,” she said.

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