Allison Williams: Engagement doesn’t feel real

People's Choice Awards 2014 - Arrivals

Speaking to People, Allison Williams admitted her engagement still doesn’t feel ”real”.

Allison’s boyfriend Ricky Van Veen proposed to her last month, but they haven’t yet decided where and when the wedding will be.

The Girls actress said: ”Literally, we have not even started thinking about the logistics of the wedding. It’s so funny, even my friends are like, ‘So, ballpark, just tell me what time of year, just in case I travel,’ and I have no idea.

”As of now, it just exists as this hypothetical thing that will happen eventually. And none of it has started to become real yet. So eventually that’ll become things that we’re concerned with. But for now, it’s just the fun part.”

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2 responses to “Allison Williams: Engagement doesn’t feel real”

  1. Stewart says:

    Interesting state of the engagement feeling still not being ‘real’… This means that Alison Williams is very happy and this engagement was long-awaited. I can see how happy the actress is and how shining her eyes are. I hope that the wedding won’t keep the couple wait too long and it was with the engagement. I with the couple much love and happiness.

  2. Selena says:

    When you are happy and you were looking for something very long when you get it, it makes you unbelievable happy so that it seems so unreal. So, I can understand the state of this gorgeous woman and amazing actress – Alison Williams. Congratulations with engagement! I hope the wedding is close.