Amanda Bynes advised against fashion school

amanda_bynes_695416 Doctors don’t think it’s a good idea for Amanda Bynes to attend fashion school.

The actress was discharged from rehabilitation center last week and is said to have signed for classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California, but psychiatrists don’t support this.

A source told ”Amanda was told by her doctors that going to fashion school, so soon after being released is an absolutely terrible idea for her to do at this time – it’s almost setting her up for failure. There will be pressure on Amanda as far as school work, deadlines, and it’s unlikely she will be able to succeed.”

”She is still seeing her doctors on an outpatient basis, but this is all happening way too fast and too soon. Amanda should be eased back into her life in a controlled manner, because she is dealing with a very serious health diagnosis,” the insider added.

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2 responses to “Amanda Bynes advised against fashion school”

  1. Tory says:

    I wonder why Amanda’s parents gave permission to her to attend fashion school. Amanda needs a caring and quiet home atmosphere now, bit not the stress of daily life with tests, exams and long hour studies. I hope this won’t ruin her psychic to the level of another scandalous ‘deed’, but I would have listened to the doctors and their piece of advice if I were in Amanda shoes or her parents’. I hope nothing bad happens, though.

  2. Tom says:

    Amanda needs more quiet times now with her close ones and family. I do not think that attending fashion school would be good for her. The doctors are right telling it would be too much stress on her, and let’s remember what brought to the nervous break down by Amanda? Stress! So, why to put her up to stress so early at the treatment stage? This is simply irrational! I wonder were Amada’s parent look?!