Amanda Bynes reaches plea deal in DUI case

110866PCN_Salon Troubled star Amanda Bynes has reached a deal in a DUI case stemming from 2012. She avoided going to jail after entering a no-contest plea to reckless driving.

The DUI charge was dismissed and Amanda will serve three years on probation, attend a 3-month long alcohol education program and pay a fine.

“She’s doing very well,” her lawyer, Richard Hutton said on Monday. “This case took some unexpected turns, but it’s resolved. Everything is going just like it should.”

The DUI charge was filed in June 2012 after Bynes crashed her BMW into a police car in West Hollywood in April 2012.

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5 responses to “Amanda Bynes reaches plea deal in DUI case”

  1. Angie says:

    I am happy that this case was resolved. Amanda Bynes doesn’t need any stress after the rehabilitation center she recently left and showing great results. Though I am not justifying what she has done and her alcohol and drug abuse, but she has chosen the right way of living free of forbidden substances, so I support her in this decision. This can be not very easy form the very beginning but will get a habit later. I just hope her schizophrenia won’t come back. Amanda is very beautiful, young and talented to live her life in a rehab.

  2. Ricardo says:

    I hope this case won’t bring Amanda Bynes down. She just has recovered from a bad mental disease and it would be sad to see you getting back to rehab. I am worrying for her together with her parents and friends and I hope this lady chooses the right way free of illegal substances and mental breakdowns. Young, beautiful and talented people should gladden and light up the society and not be locked up in insane houses.

  3. Mary says:

    Seriously, Amanda Bynes? How stupid should a person be in order to smash the car of the police officers, what was she thinking of, I cannot even imagine. It looks like the top of stupidity and quite a retarding thing to me, I always thought that she is much smarter, though eventually not anymore. I think there should be invented a nomination for such silly people who are doing world’s most stupid things, just for her, and dorks like her, like for example Lindsay Lohan, who would be on the top place for sure.

  4. Miranda says:

    Mmm, I heard many stories about teens that were going through the so called difficult time while growing up, but still I have never heard of teenagers doing something as crazy as smashing into a police officer’s car. I think Amanda Bynes done it because she wanted to show off that she is a huge “star” and that she doesn’t care about anything, as everything she does is later held by her managers or assistants. And it was a big mistake, because same thing was done once by Paris Hilton who is much more powerful and has a powerful family to support her, not agree with her and her deeds, but certainly supporting her, and still she was not able to go away from that and sit in jail for a month. I am quite surprised that Amanda was not put into jail for at least some period of time I have no idea how she was able to go away from that, probably a strong guarding angel or reputation much better than Paris Hilton’s.

  5. Ivory says:

    Hi hi, and I always thought that Amanda Bynes is a good girl, one of those who always sit on one place and never start talking before they are being asked something, well I think it is good that she revealed the hidden side of herself. It is actually a good thing. It is bad than people are trying to hide something for too long, it affects them from the moral point of view, so I am glad she released herself from going through all this kind of shit, and is simply living her life at the top of the priorities. Life as well as youth happens only once per lifetime, so we certainly have to take everything what is best from it.