Amanda Bynes Says She Has an Impostor

spl519882-001 People thought they saw Amanda Bynes walking around Manhattan on Wednesday. Everyone was a bit surprised to see the actress change her hair color from blonde to red but what is even more surprising is that it wasn’t actually Amanda.

Apparently, it was just some girl who incredibly resembles the actress, according to Amanda. She tweeted: “My hair is blonde I’ve never been a redhead! Somebody keeps posing as me! Check my photos on twitter for up to date pictures!” spl520304-009

We cannot deny the resemblance, right down to the rings and cheek piercing but the actress insisted that it was not her. In the next tweet she made a comment on the impostor’s clothes, saying: “Fake or real microdermals, same glasses! I don’t own those clothes and I’m blonde! Haha!” Amanda deleted the tweets later. Some believe that the actress is just messing around and that there is no impostor.

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