Amanda Bynes’ Twitter hacked

amanda Troubled actress Amanda Bynes faces new problems as her Twitter account has been hacked. Amanda is currently at psychiatric facility in California and she has no access to phones or computers. However, on Saturday (August 31), a message saying “I love Drake” appeared on her Twitter.

Her lawyer, Tamar Armanak, has been quick to set the record straight about the tweet, insisting Bynes has not been allowed to log on since she was hospitalized for mental health issues in July (13). Armanak tells, “Amanda’s Twitter account has been hacked. She is at the Ucla Medical Center with no access to phones or computers.”

amanda_bynesHer lawyer also said that Jonathan Jaxson, who has been offering up comments about the star’s health progress to various media outlets, is not the Bynes’ family publicist. Armanak said: “Jonathan Jaxson does not represent the Bynes family or Amanda. We are not sure why he is commenting on Amanda’s health care or representing himself as a publicist hired by her family. Amanda’s family continues to be devoted to their daughter’s well being.”

Amanda’s stay at the hospital was extended for another 30 days and her mother Lyn remains temporary conservator of her estate.

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