Amanda Seyfried feels ’empowered’ going out without underwear

Amanda+Seyfried Going out without underwear makes Amanda Seyfried feel empowered, but there’s a certain line she would never cross.

Even though she feels comfortable going commando, Amanda would never let anyone notice that as she thinks it is good to have personal secrets.

Asked if she would go out in public without underwear, she told French Grazia magazine: ”Yes! But I wouldn’t let anyone notice. It’s something very personal. Being the only one to have a secret makes you feel very empowered.”

The 28-year-old actress also insists she would never have love for real in a movie, as she wants to protect her intimacy. She has done love scenes but everything was always just simulated.

amanda-seyfried”I’m really not a prude, I’ve got a pretty European approach to nudity, but I would never accept to film real life love scenes, it is often gratuitous and unnecessary. I think it’s great that Shia LaBeouf did Nymphomaniac, but I don’t want to reveal my intimacy to the whole world. I’ve simulated pretend love on the big screen enough times to know my limits, I think that’s more than enough,” she added.

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5 responses to “Amanda Seyfried feels ’empowered’ going out without underwear”

  1. Margaret says:

    Well, this is no longer a secret, dear; you just have revealed it to the entre world. I would like to try the style and feel how empowering this would be for me… hehehe! There is no need of people to know, this is for me to feel. Thanks for sharing the secret, dear. I will write later how it works for me! 😉

  2. Anna says:

    I also do not wear underwear and feel the same as Amanda describes. This was also my little secret and will remain mine, since, unlike, Amada I am not a popular person and I can share all my secrets here without being known. Hehehe!

  3. Kimberly says:

    I think Amanda Seyfried is not that innocent as she looks like after all, that is the genial example of how lying can be the appearance in public of a person. With her angelic face and innocent eyes I would never say that she can be that naughty as not wearing underwear in public, though that is exactly why she is doing that, in order to look like she is rough and tough, but that is not very helpful in her case, and all that it is bringing on my face is huge smile for her efforts. I like Amanda due to the fact that she is able to comprise many features in her character, that helps her a lot to play different kinds of roles, usually her hero is a romantic young girl, but I also so a thriller movie where she was chased by a maniac who kidnapped her earlier but she managed to escape from him the first time. That movie was really captivating.

  4. Nana says:

    I am surprised; Amanda Seyfried seems to be such a cutie I would never expect her to go out without her underwear, that is just so not her. But from the other side, we all have our hidden features, so we never know which hidden features our favorite stars are possessing. I usually never go out without my underwear, because it is not only not very pleasant, but is also very uncomfortable not to mention the hygiene point. So have no idea what is going on in the head of that girl, but there is obviously a problem, for some reason I do not really think that she is the type of person who would act like this.

  5. Naty says:

    I like Amanda’s position about nudity and sexual scenes in the movies; she always seemed to be a very decent girl to me, though I would never believe that she is one of those girls who like to show off that they are not wearing their panties, I am sure this specific topic in the article was very pleasant for her parents to read. As about sex in the movies, wow I never even had the idea that actors in the movies really do it for real, I thought everything is set up and in reality it is not happening. That is quite a huge discovery for me. I think it will not allow me to sleep normally for a few more days, mm I think it is gross, as actors during their carrier perform in so many movies, and nowadays almost in all the movies there sex scenes which brings me to the thought of how vulgar the life of actors really is, now it is no wonder for me why actors divorce so much and start dating their partners from the movie so often. I guess same issue has happen to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie after they were filmed in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” movie. Or to Johnnie Depp who seemed to be a perfect example of a family man for me and for all the other people in Hollywood.