Amanda Seyfried would sacrifice everything for the right guy

amanda-seyfried-lovelace-special-screening_3811009 Speaking to Grazia magazine, Amanda Seyfried said she would be ready to go anywhere for the love of her life.

The Lovelace star believes in true love and she would agree to leave everything and completely change her life for the right guy. But the one thing she wouldn’t sacrifice is her dog Finn.

When asked if she’d move her life for love, she said: ”I would go anywhere to follow the man of my dreams. As long as I could bring Finn along! I would even exile myself to the countryside and become a housewife. If I had to, I would give up my whole life, my job, everything, to be with him. At the same time, I hope I would never have to make that choice because I love my life the way it is!”

amanda-seyfried-arriving-at-radio1_3814756Amanda’s biggest dream is to settle down at some point and have a family but she admits she is just not ready for kids yet.

”Work is important, but it’s nothing compared to love. Having children with the personal you love in wonderful. I want to be in that position in future, but don’t quite feel ready yet,” the 28-year-old actress added.

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4 responses to “Amanda Seyfried would sacrifice everything for the right guy”

  1. Goldie says:

    Amanda Seyfried is a very talented actress and I like the movies with her a lot. She has found her cup of tea and I am happy she is enjoying her life and acting career. I hope Amanda doesn’t have to sacrifice her life and career of an actress for her true love. I am also same romantic as Amanda and believe in love and sacrifice. I hope when Amanda is ready for kids it won’t be too late.

  2. Leena says:

    Wow, I always loved Amanda Seyfried, I think she is one of those very few Hollywood actresses who in spite of their popularity and life were able to keep their kindness and wonderful attitude towards people around. And the fact that she is ready to sacrifice her carrier for the sake of the man she would love is also speaking about her personality. I love all the movies where she performed, and I like the fact that almost all the characters she performs look pretty much the same, I guess it is due to the fact that they are alike her, I mean she is not really pretending and playing in front of the camera, but just keeps being herself, and it works very well. I hope she will find the person who would love her as much as she deserves, and she really deserves only a best man, and hopefully that man would never make her doing the hard choice and give up on her carrier, as that would make me sad to not see her longer in the movies.

  3. Kai says:

    It is so nice and pleasant after all to find a Hollywood actress who is more obsessed not by the way she looks like, but about some more important things, such as family and coziness. I like how Amanda Seyfried thinks, as I totally have the same opinion about life, this is the right way, when a woman is ready to leave all the carrier and job for the sake of the family and the man she loves. I mean what have happened with the idea that women represent the warmth, beauty and coziness of the family while men are its providers and strength. I think Amanda, is a genuine example of feminine character, in all the movies where she performed the main roles, she represents a nice down to earth girl who is ready to help everyone around her and who by a simple smile is able to help and support everyone around, I guess it is due to the fact that she is same in her real life, that is why it would be easy for her to leave the carrier for the sake of the family, as basically she will not make any great changes.

  4. Ginger says:

    She is not only beautiful and talented but has a good heart as well. Awe dear, this article really made me change my mind about Amanda Seyfried, I actually thought that she is one of those pompous spoilt brats, while she is a good girl. I like that Amanda is able to sacrifice her successful carrier for the sake of the man that she will meet one day, though I would never suggest her to do it, as today he is a good man who is trying to win your heart while tomorrow you are already arguing with him in the court about the custody upon children. Well this is my story, and hopefully it will not happen same one with Amanda, but no one knows how life will turn out to be, so it is better to comprise both work and family, yes it is not very easy, but who said it is supposed to be easy? Life is all about obstacles and tough times, but the good thing about those bad times is that you get to know who is actually a good friend of yours and who is not really, sometimes people whom you never thought of would help you without even asking or expecting of something, while the dearest ones would turn their back on you. So my advice to Amanda is to try dealing with both at the same time.