Amber Heard is the boss in relationship with Johnny Depp

"Rhum Express" ("The Rum Diary") Paris Photocall Amber Heard is the woman who finally managed to tame Johnny Depp.

Sources close to the couple claim that Amber calls all the shots from the very beginning and Johnny will do anything to please her.

A source who knows them both said: ”Amber has called the shots since day one, dictating when they went public, for example. She’s half his age and that’s part of why he’ll do whatever she wants in order to keep her.”

Another insider added: ”He has definitely toned down his behavior since he started dating Amber. He acts like a mature and charming man now.”

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4 responses to “Amber Heard is the boss in relationship with Johnny Depp”

  1. Kimmy says:

    This doesn’t matter who is the boss in the relationship. The main idea is that two people are happy with themselves and their relationship. Everything else is secondary! This couple is very beautiful and I wish them all the best!

  2. Jina says:

    I really cannot recognize Johnny Depp, since he started his relationship with this young actress Amber Heard. They started as nonchalant communication which evolved into something beautiful, though in this case I really feel sorry for one person, for Vanessa Paradis, who loved Johnny that much, that she gave up on her carrier completely in order to please him and to take care of the family that they have created. I think the fact that they were not married officially with Vanessa is speaking of itself, probably he always felt that she is not the one for him. And I am one hundred percent sure that his relationship and marriage with Amber will not last for too long either, as she is young and popular, she has her entire life in front, and of course he is doing whatever Amber asks him to, as he is afraid to lose her. Usually girls lose their interest in men who are doing anything to please the woman by their side. First they lose interest, and later they lose respect, and the lack of respect towards this kind of person later results in hating that person.

  3. Kate says:

    Well who would have thought that such a great couple as Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp would ever split? But it happens when one person stops respecting the other person, I think this is exactly what happened to Johnny Depp, Vanessa got so stuck with family things that she completely forgot about herself, and became a not interesting person for Johnny, she stopped being that person whom he fall in love with and whom he was admiring. It is sad to admit, but his relationship with Amber will not work either, as the way she is treating him shows that she already doesn’t have a lot of respect towards him, while later the situation will only get worst.

  4. Lilianne says:

    I always thought that Johnny Depp doesn’t really love Vanessa Paradis, I think his main aim was to win and break her, as she used to be a young beautiful girl full of pride and known for a cold heart who no one was able to win. I guess she was a sort of trophy for him, but as soon as he won her heart he lost his interest towards her. But everything in this life comes back, what goes around comes back around. So now he gets same treatment from Amber Heard, it is pretty obvious that this girl is using him and doesn’t have any feelings for him, otherwise if she would had she would never be acting this way with him. It is a pity that he doesn’t understand that now, but I am sure later he will understand it. and I am wondering how he would feel after he will realize that he have lost a faithful wife and family for the sake of young and silly girl who used him in order to make her carrier going up.