Amy Adams credits her Hollywood success to luck

amy_adams_632465 Amy Adams┬ásays that her Hollywood success was just luck. The actress decided to move to Los Angeles with her brother when she was 24. Amy and her brother headed to Hollywood in an old car that broke down in New Mexico. ”We didn’t have anything – no phone, no pager. A tow truck came from the next town and rescued us,” the actress said.

However, Amy did manage to get to L.A. and within just a few weeks she found an agent. She said: ”I did have a lot of events fall into place for me that can only be described as luck.”

The 38-year-old star recalls that life in Los Angeles came as a shock for a small-town girl form Castle Rock, Colorado. ”I’d lived in a very sheltered world of theater where, even if there was competition, I really felt like it was a family. So to suddenly be around people that weren’t rooting for you was a little overwhelming.”

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