Angelina Jolie: Brad is a ‘great family man’

brangelina Speaking to HELLO! magazine, Angelina Jolie gushed about Brad Pitt, saying he was a ”great family man”.

The two fell in love while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Angelina says that their relationship has changed and grown over the years.

”We’ve grown as a couple. A relationship is one thing when you’re first together and it’s exciting,” she explains.

”But now we’ve been together for many years and we have the children, it becomes a different kind of love. It’s not just being lovers and partners and friends, it’s being a family man, which I love in him and feel very lucky about. My mother was a single mom and she really struggled to keep it all together.”

Angelina and Brad are raising six kids together and want to set good example for them.

”One of the things we’re particularly conscious of is how we treat each other in front of the children. We want to be an example of how to treat the opposite love,” she said.


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