Angelina Jolie: Maleficent taught me a lot about being a woman


For her role as Maleficent Angelina Jolie had to wear prosthetics, so after taking it all off she felt like her face was too flat and dull.

”It was quite important she didn’t look traditionally pretty,” the actress said. ”What’s now strange is when I go home for the weekend, I feel like my face is really flat – I feel very dull in comparison to her. She’s so much more fun.”

Starring in Maleficent was a valuable experience for Angelina as she has learned a lot about ”being a woman”.

She explained: ”I’ve learned more about being a woman. She’s very complicated, she wasn’t born evil. She was born very soft and female in a way that a lot of women will be able to relate to but then she was abused in a way.

”We’ve all had that experience where something has made us put our wall up and fell like, in order to survive, we need to become tougher.”

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