Angelina Jolie on grain diet

angelina Angelina Jolie has a new diet which is based on ”ancient grains”.

This diet includes eating millet, chia seeds, spelt, buckwheat and quinoa and the actress claims that these grains are doing wonders for her health and they help her skin look better.

A source told National Enquirer magazine: ”Angie’s always been a fan of healthy seeds and grains, but lately she’s taken it to a whole new level. She’s into eating products made from ‘ancient grains’ and raves about their health benefits. She claims they provide her with nutrients she can’t find anywhere else, plus shinier skin.”

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2 responses to “Angelina Jolie on grain diet”

  1. Anthony says:

    Angelina Jolie is definitely one of the most beautiful women on earth and I very sexy. I like her face, but the body. I am sorry it leaves much to be desired. It is just too skinny to me. I agree Angie’s skin looks perfect, but, hey, somebody feed her some meat! She needs to gain some weight. Sometimes it is very painful to look at her in the dresses that show much skin!!! She looks like an alive skeleton to me. I do not think dieting is something for her. Adding grains in her daily routine is nice, but ‘dieting’ doesn’t work with this actress. IMHO

  2. Mike says:

    Angie doesn’t need dieting, quite on the contrary, she need seating, just look at her, she seems to go so thin that she would disappear from the earth. Honestly, just look at her figure, it is almost a skeleton. This is not sexy to me at all. I believe there should be some meat on the bones. Grains are good for the skin, yes, but please, Angie eat something else, besides ancient grains and it derivatives.