Angelina Jolie sparks controversy in China


Chinese fans are angry with Angelina Jolie as she referred to China and Taiwan as if they were separate countries.

The actress was in China, promoting her new movie Maleficent, when she was asked to name her favorite Chinese director. She chose Ang Lee, labeling him as Taiwanese, not Chinese, causing controversy.

“I am not sure if you consider Ang Lee Chinese,” Jolie said. “He’s Taiwanese but he does many Chinese-language films with many Chinese artists and actors, and I think his works and the actors in his films are the ones I am most familiar with and very fond of.”

This statement angered the Chinese because China and Taiwan have had some unresolved issues since 1949 and Angelina is being criticized for suggesting Taiwan is its own country.

“By implying that Taiwan and China are two separate countries, in a moment of excitement, a brilliant woman became a stupid laughing stock,” an upset fan wrote.

Another reportedly labeled Jolie a “deranged Taiwan independence supporter.”

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