Angelina Jolie won’t be attending her aunt’s funeral

angelina-jolie-maddox-jolie-pitt-angelina-jolie-and-her_3603215 Debbie Martin, Angelina Jolie’s aunt died of breast cancer in California on Sunday (May 26) and the funeral will be held this weekend (June 2). However, Angelina will not be attending because at the time she will be in London joining Brad Pitt at the premiere of his new movie World War Z, which will be her first red carpet appearance since she revealed the news about her double mastectomy.

Debbie’s husband Ron Martin said: “We are making the final arrangements for the funeral as we speak… Angelina will be in London on Sunday so she won’t be able to attend but she has been in touch with us and with various other members of the family, which has obviously been lovely and has meant a lot to us.” Ron also said that the family is planning to start a foundation that will help women have access to BRCA testing.

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