Anna Friel on Shooting ‘The Look of Love’

N0257571366207139380A Anna Friel admitted she had fears about looking like an old lady forever after filming The Look of Love. In this movie she plays the wife of adult movie baron Paul Raymond.

At some point in the film her character is 58 years old so she had to wear special makeup every day and she was worried about the effects it might have on her face. “They used a technique called stippling to make me look older. It glues all of the creases around your eyes together and it takes hours for it to go back to normal. I would age years in a day and think it was going to stay that way forever,” the actress said.the-look-of-love05

However, she does have some nice memories from the set, especially when it comes to the costumes she wore. She told Grazia magazine: “I loved my outfits. I loved the 70s costumes because I really like that whole Jane Berkin look. In one scene I went blonde so I wore a wig. We modeled the look on Marilyn Monroe, which was fine until Steve told me I looked like Moors murderer Myra Hindley. Steve looked great in costume though, it’s funny seeing him in anything.”

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