Anna Kendrick is obsessed with Blake Lively’s style

anna-kendrick-2014-unicef-ball_4025341 Speaking to E! News, Anna Kendrick has admitted she was very excited to work with Blake Lively on their new movie The Voices.

Anna admires Lively for her perfect style and beauty and she became obsessed with the former Gossip Girl star. She even tried to copy the gorgeous blonde.

”Blake was there a lot! She’s just heaven. She so kind and obviously so stylish. Every time I would see a new nail color on her I was like, I’m gonna start wearing green nail polish! But then it doesn’t make me look like Blake Lively. Damn, so close,” Kendrick said.

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5 responses to “Anna Kendrick is obsessed with Blake Lively’s style”

  1. Sally says:

    We all have idols, or nearly all. We want to resemble certain people or their certain characteristics and even appearances. Some of human representatives are so stylish and beautiful that many of us want to be the copy of them to be liked but others as they like their idol. Well, why this cannot be met among famous people? We are all human, at least!

  2. Jim says:

    Sexy, stylish, magnetic, charming and simply irresistible, Carmen Electra! I am very happy she is back on the scene and that she looks even better than the one I used to know during her popularity peak. Welcome back, dear and we are ready to enjoy your talent and creativity!

  3. Harryette says:

    I think that Anna Kendrick is a very nice girl, I really enjoyed watching her in “Twilight” saga, but no matter how hard she will try she will never look as sexy as Blake Lively does. Because it is not a matter of clothes or perfume, or new hair cut, it is just something that is built in character. Blake is gorgeous by nature, she doesn’t really need some make up or brand new clothes in order to look gorgeous, her eyes and curvaceous body along with long legs are doing the entire job for her, so no wonder not only simple teenage girls but Hollywood actresses also want to look like her. I would love to look like her as well, but I am too smart in order to understand that no matter how I will dress and make up, I will still not have her special smile and look. The good thing is that Anna Kendrick at least had the chance to work with Blake Lively and learnt something from her.

  4. Simona says:

    Blake Lively is gorgeous so I can totally understand Anna Kendrick; I think Anna feels like a little “ducky” near the Blake swan. I guess she should not feel this way, I saw some pictures of Blake in childhood on some website, and should say that she is one of those women who become better and better by each day passing. I was such a fan of “Gossip Girl”, that I have seen the entire show for a few times in the row. Absolutely love it, the way they were dressing there, absolutely stunning. This show and Blake Lively particularly, has motivated me to lose some weight, and not only to start looking better, but, the most important thing is that I started feeling myself much better.

  5. Ashley says:

    I love both of those actresses, and think that they cannot even be compared as they are completely different, and at the same time unique in their kind. Blake is the symbol of a proud sensual goddess who is able to make a man fall in love with her by simply batting her eyelashes, while Anna Kendrick is the symbol of a innocent girl who gets everything she wants in her life by struggling and working a lot, she is not one of the kind who get everything due to their beauty. Like I said both of them are beautiful and unique, so there is no use in painting nails the same color, or making the hair looking same, as it will not help becoming “her”.