Anne Hathaway denies claims she acted like a diva at charity gala

Anne-Hathaway-Pink-Party-814x1024 Anne Hathaway has denied reports that she requested fans not to talk to her at a recent charity event.

The actress allegedly submitted a long list of demands before agreeing to attend the Pink Party Gala in Santa Monica on October 19. A source told In Touch that Hathaway’s team had a long list of demands, including that guests attending the party “not to talk to her” during the event. They also claimed that even though staff adhered to Anne’s list of demands, the actress was very unfriendly.

“She was so rude and acted like a b***h to a few people she did speak to. She just sat there rolling her eyes all night,” the insider said.

anneHowever, Hathaway’s rep, Stephen Huvane, said that the claims are “100 percent false.” Huvane stated: “We never made any such requests and Anne happily interacted with the organizers and guests at the event. The cause is very personal to her as the doctor being honored that evening saved one of her very close friends.”

Alexandra Lippin, the publicist for The Pink Party, also said that Anne was very nice. “Anne could not have been nicer and was absolutely lovely throughout the evening,” Lippin stated.

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One response to “Anne Hathaway denies claims she acted like a diva at charity gala”

  1. Sherryl says:

    How can such a great actress with such a great smile in photos be unfriendly at the same event where the pictures where taken? No, I simply do not believe it!!! I hate false rumors. Why people would say it? I like her as an actress and she is very beautiful. I cannot see the “eye rolling’ in the pictures. Why not showing the pictures of that and video for us to believe it?! No! Why? Since such diva behavior never took place on Anne Hathaway part.