Anne Hathaway enjoys doing stunts


Growing up with two brothers, Anne Hathaway was an active child and she says she still has a ”daredevil side” so she enjoys doing her own stunts in movies.

Speaking to UK’s HELLO! Magazine, the actress said: ”As a little girl I was a real tomboy. I grew up with two brothers and I loved to climb trees and jump off things that were way too high for me. I still have a daredevil side – I love doing my own stunts in movies, or anything physical that will give me a thrill, although my mother wishes I didn’t.”

Anne won Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 2013.

Talking about that night, she said: ”That was a surreal evening. To be honest throughout that awards season I had a difficult time believing that I’d even done something worth respecting like that.

Anne Hathaway holds her Oscar for winning Best Supporting Actress for her role in "Les Miserables" in Hollywood

”The moment when the penny really dropped, that it was all happening, was after I’d been given the Oscar. I looked to either side, and there was my husband to my right and Hugh Jackman to my left, and I’m sitting there holding an Oscar between two men who love me very, very much, and out onto the stage walks Barbara Streisand, who I had met only the day before and we’d had a really cool conversation, and suddenly it was all too much – I burst into tears.”

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