Are Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby dating?

Katie-Holmes-2013-4 Despite the rumors that there’s something going on between Katie Holmes and her Mania Days co-star Luke Kirby, Katie’s friends say that she is not fully ready to date anyone yet.

A source told In Touch magazine: ”She’s just getting used to being around guys in that way again. She’s not ready to date yet, but she’s starting to think about it.”

On the other hand, there are eye-witnesses who claim that there is a strong chemistry between Katie and Luke on the set. However, they believe that the two of them are hiding their relationship for now.

katieholmessetmaniadaysnyc-82956An insider said: ”The word on-set is that they are hot and heavy – you can totally tell the chemistry between them. Katie obviously has it bad for Luke! They’re desperate to keep the state of their relationship under wraps until it’s at least had a chance to start. That’s why they tried to evade the paparazzi in NYC on their dinner date – they knew if they were spotted out together away from the set, all hell would break lose. Luke’s a total gentleman who always puts others first. He’s also incredibly handsome, charming and completely down-to-earth. Katie adores him.”

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