Are Madonna and Sean Penn spending Christmas together?

madonna-hard-candy-fitness-club-opening-_3910873 After dumping her much younger boyfriend Brahim Zaibat, Madonna will reportedly spend Christmas with ex-husband Sean Penn.

The two of them were married between 1985 and 1989, and Madonna recently visited Penn in Haiti, which only sparked the rumors that they may be rekindling their romance.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ”She needs someone who is more of an equal. She needs to be challenged, which Sean does. Sean and Madonna now want to see each other over Christmas and Madonna’s even considering getting a place out in Haiti. They’re in touch non-stop. Friends are joking they’ll be remarried by this time next year.”

The pop queen reportedly ended her romance with Brahim after getting spiritual advice at the Kabbalah Center. ”The leaders there told her to finish it, saying Brahim’s energy is not right for her at the moment and that she needs someone older,” the source added.

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One response to “Are Madonna and Sean Penn spending Christmas together?”

  1. Cecil says:

    I am happy to hear that Madonna has listened to her spiritual instructors and decided to look for an older partner. It is not good hen the age difference is so huge between the partners. I would be happy to find out that Madonna and Seam Pen have re-married, they would looks nice together. Would be interesting to follow how their relationship develops. Spending Christmas after such a long break is simply intriguing!!!