Armie Hammer: Johnny Depp was my man-servant

armie_hammer_640958 In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Armie Hammer talks about what it was like to work with Johnny Depp.

Armie has revealed that Depp was always helping him on the set of The Lone Ranger. He said: ”Johnny was my man-servant on set. He held my water for me. If I got hot he would fan me with his bird. We had a terrific sort of serf relationship. It was great to have a permanent helper.”

Asked how he persuaded Johnny to do that, Armie said: ”Mind games. First strip all of his personal confidence, and then develop a co-dependent relationship. And once that kind of started to settle in, it all fell into place. Magnificently.”

johnny-depp-armie-hammer-lone-ranger-moscow-photo-callThe 26-year-old actor is fascinated by the fact that despite being a huge star Depp is ”quite normal”. ”He’s a really difficult dude to hate. He’s one of the more interesting people I’ve met in my life. He’s much more normal than you would think. He’s not what you would imagine Johnny Depp would be like. He’s just what you’d imagine the coolest dude you know would be like. He’s just got a terrific finger on the pulse of everything, you know, whether it’s pop culture or literature, music, art – I mean, real estate … You can really talk to the guy about anything,” Hammer said.

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