Ashley Benson: I felt maternal towards Selena Gomez


Filming Spring Breakers, Ashley Benson and Selena Gomez became good friends.

Gomez and Benson starred alongside Vanessa Hudgens and James Franco in the movie. The two stars developed such strong bond that Ashley started feeling maternal towards Selena and needed to protect her from the explicit aspects of wild partying the movie shows.

Speaking to Complex magazine, Benson said: “The four of us were filming this motel party scene and we had to observe what was going on and be in character. My and Vanessa’s characters loved to party, so we couldn’t do anything to break that persona. But I remember looking over to the floor at these two girls rolling around and making out completely naked. At that moment, I literally closed Selena’s eyes. I felt like I had to mother her.”

Ashley also shared her and Vanessa’s little adventure at the airport once filming was wrapped.

2014 PaleyFest - "Pretty Little Liars"

She said: “We lost track of time getting dinner ’cause we were so tired, so we missed our flight. After spending two months in Florida, we just wanted to go home. We cried our eyes out on the floor and then picked ourselves up and had some drinks. … We went to the bar, and then we wandered around the airport ’til like 3 in the morning.”

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