Ashley Green’s Apartment on Fire

1363980514_ashley-greene-lg There is new information about a fire that broke out at Ashley Greene’s West Hollywood condo on Friday morning. According to the police sources, the unattended candle started the fire which caught the living room sofa. Ashley and two other people (her brother and her boyfriend) were sleeping in the other room when it all happened. This tragic episode took one of her pet dogs. The fox terrier puppy died in the fire because he hid under a bed. The other dog was rescued and taken to an animal hospital right after evacuation.


The firemen came quickly and they managed to get the people out. Men came back into the burning apartment for the dogs but unfortunately one of them couldn’t be rescued. What is also terrible is that the actress, her brother and boyfriend also suffered some injuries, as reported by the officials. It is not said how badly they were hurt.


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