Ashton Kutcher banned from partying

ashton-kutcher Producers of Two and a Half Men have reportedly banned Ashton Kutcher from throwing parties in his trailer.

The actor was known among cast and crew for partying after a hard day’s filming, but the bosses have ordered him to stop having lots of guests in his trailer.

A source told America’s Star magazine: ”Every Friday night after they finished filming, Ashton would throw wild parties until the early hours. The parties were notorious and got way out of hand. It wasn’t unusual to see famous friends stumbling out of his trailer.”

”Ashton’s not happy about the decision,” the insider added.

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One response to “Ashton Kutcher banned from partying”

  1. Mark says:

    Well, I can understand why a party animal Ashton Kutcher is not happy about the new decision. Well he works hard, but plays harder. This is not bad, but when doesn’t happen every other night and the producers are definitely not happy with him getting his colleagues drunk. This is what doesn’t reflect positive on the working process, indeed.