Ashton Kutcher fails to tip on £8 haircut

2013 Sundance Film Festival - Premiere of jOBS Jim Clayton, a hairdresser from Bridgwater, Somerset, was stunned when Ashton Kutcher didn’t leave him a tip on £8 haircut.

Ashton and his girlfriend Mila Kunis arrived at Jim’s shop few minutes before closing time but he gave the stingy actor a haircut anyway.

”Mila handed over a £10 note and I gave her the change – she didn’t even give me a tip. He did not really talk that much, but Mila sat with my dog Bailey on her lap. She fell in love with my dogs, but the conversation was not very interesting. They asked me where I was from and they said they were both from Los Angeles. But they did not admit what they did,” the barber said.

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