Ashton Kutcher joins

Teen Choice Awards 2013 - Show Ashton Kutcher wants to mentor young people so he has signed up to to offer users one-hour sessions for $5 to talk with him about his career.

The website offers users a chance to video chat with various professionals from different fields. Now people who are interested in acting will have the opportunity to talk with Ashton and get some advice.

A source told E! News: ”Ashton is passionate about giving back and being a mentor to young people. It’s a cause that is very important to him.”

But says the actor currently has no upcoming availability and users requesting time must sign up for the waiting list.


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One response to “Ashton Kutcher joins”

  1. Missy says:

    Dude, cool thing! I will get on the site and subscribe to the list. 5 bucks is nothing for an hour. I would be very happy to talk to this awesome man! I am sure, Ashton has so much to tell us about his career and give us some pieces of advice. This was very sweet of him to join