Ashton Kutcher wants to make the most comfortable T-shirt

ashton We have seen many celebrities starting their own perfume, makeup or clothing lines and Ashton Kutcher is the latest star who set up a fashion company. The actor started luxury brand Pickwick & Weller with the goal of creating the most comfortable T-shirt in the world.

He said: ”I was having a conversation with a friend recently about the things we wear every day. We decided to make a point of finding the best version of all of them that we could. I wear a T-shirt every day, so I started a company called Pickwick & Weller in the pursuit of making the most comfortable T-shirt in the whole world. I’m wearing one now and if it isn’t the most comfortable in the world, then it’s getting pretty close.”

ashton-kutcher-paparazzi-2013-e256784fb7fd46504d6fddc58d107999 Ashton’s clothing philosophy is all about being comfortable in the things you wear. He insists that how you feel is more important than how you look in your clothes. ”My personal style is, above all, a function of convenience and comfort – if it’s comfortable, I’m going to wear it. It’s funny because if you’re going for a fashionable look, that tends to work from the outside in, meaning you’re more interested in looking good than feeling comfortable. I have to feel comfortable first and only then start to think about looking good,” he said.

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