Ashton Kutcher: You have to work hard for success

ashton-kutcher Having been praised for advising young viewers of the Teen Choice Awards to seize every opportunity, Ashton Kutcher explained what has inspired his speech at the ceremony.

He said: ”I think that right now we’re in a little bit of sticky time. And I felt like you can’t replace hard work and nobody is going to give us anything in this life. And it’s important to remember, when you see movie stars … we all started from the same place and everybody who is there somehow worked their way there. It doesn’t just happen.”

The actor also added: ”If we want to make the world a better place … We are going to have to build it. I don’t know how many more Teen Choice Awards I’ll be invited to go to, but I felt like if I didn’t take that opportunity to share what I’ve learned through the process then I was probably missing an opportunity to share something pretty important.”

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