Bear and Bernie helping Robert Pattinson get over heartbreak

robert-pattinson-2013 According to sources Robert Pattinson is still in love with Kristen Stewart and has turned to his dogs to help him deal with the breakup.

A source told HollywoodLife: ”Rob’s looking forward to working on his music and just spending some down time with his close friends and Bear and Bernie. It sounds funny, but he is so close to those dogs. He’s been getting so much love and comfort from them during this tough transition without Kristen.”

According to the source, Robert is having a hard time but he is the kind of person who keeps his emotions for himself. The insider added: ”Contrary to what Kristen believes, Rob is not taking their breakup lightly. He just doesn’t show his emotions openly. He’s an introverted guy, especially when it comes to relationships. He’s not one to open up and blab about what’s going on. He’s also very English and keeps to himself.”

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