Beautiful Colombian Celebrities – Wonderful Women from Colombia

Beautiful Colombian Celebrities – Wonderful Women from Colombia-min Colombia is the third most populous country in Latin America. Meet the most beautiful Colombian women.

Colombian girls are known for their sensuality. The birthplace of beautiful women is in the north-west of South America. The girls of Colombia are very independent, but at the same time they have traditional views. Independent Colombians are good housewives and caring wives. It so happened that sultry macho are breadwinners and earners, and women can afford to step back into the background. Columbians are very sensual and loving. They are not only very beautiful, but also restrained sexual, it is attractive and chaste at the same time.

Relations are very important for Colombians. They are constant and usually live with one man for a long time. This is part of their mentality. Although Colombia is a developed country, its inhabitants respect the traditions of the Latin people, whose values ​​differ from American and European ones. The skin of Colombian women, as a rule, is tanned, thanks to the scorching sun and hot climate. Cat’s eyes got from ancestors – Indian tribes. Dark hair, beautiful brown eyes and radiant smiles – these are the women of Colombia.

Marianna Davalos

Marianna Davalos

Colombia, unlike neighboring Venezuela, can not boast of a large number of victories at international beauty contests, but the whole world knows the Colombian singer Shakira. Your attention is presented to the sexiest Columbian celebrities.

  • Camilla and Marianna Davalos are Colombian models that are twin sisters. Currently, Marianne permanently lives in Colombia, and Camilla – in the United States.
  • Michelle Rouillard – Miss Columbia 2008, representing the country on the Miss Universe 2009.
  • This Colombian beauty, or simply Shakira, gives heat every time she enters the stage. She Success did not catch her immediately. Her first albums did not make a big furor in the Latin music market. Today she is included in the rating of the 10 most popular singers in 2015. Her name became a brand, and she herself appeared as a judge on the NBC channel in the “Voice” show.
  • Sandra Valencia is a Colombian model.

    Sandra Valencia

    Sandra Valencia

  • Mónica Lopera is a Colombian actress. She was born in Miami (USA) on September 10, 1985, but at the age of two she moved with her parents to Colombia.
  • Taliana Vargas is a Colombian actress, model, TV presenter, Miss Columbia 2007. She took second place at the Miss Universe competition 2008.
  • Manuela Arbelase is a Colombian and American model and actress. She was born in Medellin in 1988. In 2006 she moved to the US and lived in New York, New Jersey. Soon, after moving to America, Arbelaes became a finalist of the beauty contest and reality show “Latin Beauty”, which was shown on the channel Univision.

Colombian women of all ages like to cherish and groom themselves. They apply, concentrated rejuvenating serum from grape seeds, different creams and masks. Spray the face instead of tonic with a refreshing spray of Moroccan rose or white tea. Honey wraps and mud peeling at least once a month.

Top 10 Most beautiful Colombian women

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