Ben Affleck encouraged Jennifer Garner to take ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ role

tiff-2013-red-carpet-dallas-buyers-club-intro In an upcoming movie Dallas Buyers Club, Jennifer Garner plays Dr. Eve Saks, but when she was first offered the role she wasn’t so sure about it.

The mother of three was hesitant to leave her kids at home and go to work, but her husband Ben Affleck convinced her to do it.

She tells Good Morning America, “At the end of Alias I had my first child and so I’ve worked less with each baby and this movie I wasn’t sure that I wanted to do it. I’m comfortable at home. I like being at home. My husband, Ben, really encouraged me to do it. He really said, ‘It’s time.'”

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2 responses to “Ben Affleck encouraged Jennifer Garner to take ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ role”

  1. Jerry says:

    Jennifer looks very happy in this picture. I am happy she put her family first and I am happy Ben is her support in everything – family and career. I am happy he convinced Jennifer to gladden the public with her brilliant acting. I love movies with her in a cast. I am sure this one will turn just perfect too! Keep it up, girl!

  2. Sarah says:

    Definitely, it is a way to solve financial problems, but lose honor, dignity and the intimacy of your happy marriage. I wouldn’t do that if I were Tori Spelling either. Well, they are not starving, they live an ok life, so why agree to that? I believe many people of today can do many bad and stupid things just for money. I am happy Tori is not one among them. I hope she will never change her mind. Private things are better kept private! Always!