Ben Affleck: I’m a risk taker

ben-affleck-22nd-annual-ucla-school-of_3719584 Over the past twenty years Ben Affleck’s career has seen its ups and downs. He has been involved in many different projects, including those that flopped as well as the movies that were critically acclaimed and awarded.

Affleck believes it only shows his willingness to take risks and do something different.

He told Huffington Post:  ”The actors, the directors, the writers, producers that I admire are ones who continue to try brave new things. So I’ve tried to copy them in that way, take that kind of risk and definitely sometimes not successful and sometimes successful.

ben-affleck-in-brentwood_4038554”When I see that when I look at this sort of back and forth of a career I take some satisfaction knowing OK, I’m probably doing something right because I’m taking risks and I’m trying different things and I’m not failing by virtue of just being boring when I fail. I’m failing because I’m trying something different. So risk is inherently valuable. Courage, the desire to take risk is really necessary.”

Not only does he like to take risks with his movies, but Affleck is also a fan of real gambling. However, he is aware of the dangers.

”When you’re gambling, like a lot of other things is something that is healthy in moderation and quite dangerous in excess,” he added.

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2 responses to “Ben Affleck: I’m a risk taker”

  1. Owen says:

    Agree with Alec – everything is good in moderation. Taking risks in life is important, as only then you can be courageous and reach the heights in life and be successful. Taking risks is the healthy way of the development and moving on in life. Taking risks is rewarded and sometimes not, but anyways, provides great lessons and experiences in life.

  2. Geir says:

    Who doesn’t risk, doesn’t drink champagne! So, why not? risk is healthy, but when risk is worthy. When it comes to gambling and you find it hard to control yourself spending money, then better to stay away from it. I do find gambling dangerous and unless you are as rich, as Alec, stay away from casinos.