Ben Affleck struggling to stay off cigarettes

Ben Affleck gives his wry smile at the SAG Awards

Ben Affleck is reportedly trying to quit smoking.

He promised his wife Jennifer Garner to kick the habit and is keeping himself occupied with various domestic projects.

A source told National Enquirer magazine: ”Ben’s promised to ditch the butts again, but now he’s just a bundle of nervous energy and is doing anything to keep his mind off cigarettes.

”He comes up with all sorts of household projects and cockamamie schemes to stay busy, and it’s just one misadventure after another. Ben decided he needed to keep his hands busy, so he built a bookshelf for the girls’ playroom. It would up comically lopsided, with the books tumbling off of it.”

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One response to “Ben Affleck struggling to stay off cigarettes”

  1. Ger says:

    I have quitted up smoking too a ear ago and I can understand what a nerve wrecking thing it is. The main idea to succeeds really wanting this and distract yourself from the thoughts on this by any means. Still, if he does this for his wife and not himself first of all, he will fail.