Ben Stiller cemented into Hollywood history Ben Stiller received a handprint and footprint honor at the TCL Chinese Theatre on Tuesday (December 3) but he couldn’t sleep well the night before the ceremony because he had a nightmare in which no one shows up in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre.

He was woried for no reason as one of the biggest stars in the world, Tom Cruise, was there to support him.

Stiller joked, “I was very nervous, it is one of those things you get a little bit tight for because it is a once-in-a-lifetime thing that you don’t want to screw up. To just look out there and see the faces of the friends and family who showed up and that people actually ben-stiller-tom-cruisecame is nice. You have that nightmare that nobody is going to show up but I had the Tom Cruise insurance policy, which was great.”

Cruise told the crowd: “I know Ben and I know what it takes to do what he does and the commitment that he brings, the love of cinema, the love of storytelling and the love of entertaining an audience. When you see his movies you have no idea how much this man cares.”

“It meant so much to me because I really look up to Tom as a filmmaker,” Stiller told E! News at the event.

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One response to “Ben Stiller cemented into Hollywood history”

  1. Ace says:

    Ben stiller really likes cinema and is a brilliant comic actor. I can understand why he was worrying not to screw things ups, as the characters of his roles always mess everything up and look awkward and funny. I am happy the ceremony went well and Tom Cruise was there to support Ben. So, indeed, the nervousness Ben had was groundless. I can see great pictures, so everything went well, and necessary people plus paparazzi were present. )))