Ben Stiller lost passion for acting

ben-stiller-hand-and-footprint-ceremony-for_3979859 Speaking to the Sunday Times, Ben Stiller has revealed that he is now much more into directing and doesn’t think he has such a strong ”drive” for acting any more.

He said: ”I don’t want to ever be dismissive of it. To be a really great actor takes as much commitment as anything. But I do wonder sometimes, for me, if I have as much drive for that these days as I do to direct, because that I don’t even question. But then it’s also about finding the projects, and it’s much more of a commitment. But you’re not limited by being cast in something, what type you are, what roles you can play, because you are who you are, which is fine, but directing to me is so many possibilities, so many worlds to explore.”

Stiller also admits that his passion for directing has become so strong that he is obsessed with it.

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One response to “Ben Stiller lost passion for acting”

  1. Timothy says:

    Ben Stiller is right about passion and commitment to what he does. If he is a passionate film director now, then he better be a director. What I hate about actors is being fakes and insincere and this happens when they no longer care of what they do. I enjoy the way Ben acted in his time, but f has lost his drive, so be it! I hope to enjoy the movies he has directed. It is great when you do as your job what you really like. Then every day at work is like a holiday!