Best celebrity hair makeovers of 2013

You know how you see somebody famous with great hairstyle and you love it so much that you just rush to the hairstylist and copy the image? Well, it’s obvious that many of us get our inspiration from the stars, but where do they find the ideas? Anyway, when a celebrity has a hair makeover, the whole world notices and it’s always a big deal. Take a look at some of the greatest celebrity hairstyle changes.

Jennifer Lawrence

jennifer lawrence







Jennifer Lawrence typically changes her hair color depending on the next role she’ll be playing, so we’re excited that she’s back to brunette because it really looks great on her.

Gabrielle Union








Union debuted blonde highlights for an upcoming project in late July. “In order to achieve a natural look, she opted to go for a darker root and added in hues of blonde, beige, and light brown to complement her warmer skin tone,” said hairstylist Larry Sims, who created the star’s gorgeous new style.

Ariel Winter








“Modern Family” actress Ariel Winter followed in her co-star Sofia Vergara’s footsteps and announced a hair color change via Twitter. The teen went for a vibrant red dye, and it looks beautiful.

Camilla Belle








The actress chopped her lengthy curls into a chin-skimming bob at the end of June. We definitely agree with her hairstylist that she looks amazing – fresh and stylish. This length absolutely compliments her face.

Anne Hathaway








The star surprised all of us by hitting the red carpet at the punk-themed Met Gala in a new icy blonde hue. “Drawing inspiration from unforgettable punk icons like Poly Styrene from X-Ray Spex and Joan Jett, I decided to go for a look that’s glam and edgy, yet youthful and fun,” her hairstylist Sascha Breuer said. “We kept the style much shorter for Anne, and she had a lot of fun playing around with it.” After spending three weeks as a platinum blonde, Anne Hathaway went back to her brunette roots at the end of May. Good for her!

Katharine McPhee








This lady is no stranger to a hair salon, changing her hair more often than most of us change our mascara tube. The latest change was going for the wildly popular “lob” haircut, and since then she’s gone for an ombrè color at her tips.

Reese Witherspoon








This was fast! In April, Witherspoon unveiled her new brown hue — a side of the star we haven’t seen since the 2005 but after a brief stint as a brunette, Reese Witherspoon returned to her trademark blonde hue in May. We can’t decide which looks better on her.

Demi Lovato








After spending the fall and winter months as a brunette, Lovato returned to a golden blonde shade in early May and she made the right decision.

Christina Hendricks








The ‘Mad Men’ star didn’t want to change her hair color but she chopped her auburn layers into a chin-length bob with sweeping fringe and it looks great.



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