Best dressed men in Hollywood

When talking about best dressed, ladies seem to get much more attention than men. However, there are guys who prove that men’s fashion can be very interesting and diverse. These heartthrobs have set the style bar high and they are the most stylish men in Hollywood.

Justin Timberlake









Justin Timberlake may be a relative newcomer to Hollywood acting, but he’s no stranger to style, and it shows in how he dresses. When it comes to fashion, J.T. isn’t afraid of going for a different fabric or flaunting a pant color that’s different from his jacket. Everything from his vests, sneakers, slick ties and customized jewelry shows he is a man with great sense of style.

Will Smith









Will has tried almost every fashion trend there is. Now, Will Smith is known just as much for his stylish suits as he is for bringing in big bucks at the box office. His style always remains cool and contemporary, whether it is a casual day out or a big red carpet event.

Ryan Gosling









Ryan Gosling has rapidly made a name for himself as a well-dressed man. He is one of the Hollywood men who can keep things interesting and exciting on the red carpet, showing up in velvet suits, saddle shoes and slim-cut trousers. And when he’s off the red carpet, he’s got the most effortlessly cool everyday wardrobe, full of tough jackets, vintage tees and work boots roughened up just the right amount. He’s that rare star who can make an open-collared, untucked shirt look perfect.

Ben Affleck









Ben Affleck has always been the vision of handsome, especially when he combines his suits with a scruffy look. The family man shines even in casual clothes, like sweater, blazer, and jeans combination and definitely leaves the ladies breathless in stylish suits.

Brad Pitt









Brad Pitt is a style icon in anything he wears, from work boots to tuxedos. The actor exudes confidence at every event, whether it’s a day at the park with the kids or a movie premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Pitt has simply mastered the art of sophisticated fashion.

Jamie Foxx









No matter where he is or what he’s doing, Jamie just always looks great. The actor has mastered the art of looking and being suave. Whether he’s wearing a simple cashmere sweater with jeans and brown suede oxfords, or a shiny three-piece suit with his signature sunglasses, Foxx oozes charm every time.

Bradley Cooper









Always very put-together, The Hangover star Bradley Cooper loves to don dapper suits. That, combined with his slicked-back hair, makes it easy to see why he has been named “Sexiest Man Alive” by People. At this year’s Oscars, Cooper’s Tom Ford classic black tux was the ultimate winner of the male best dressed.

Johnny Depp









Johnny Depp is the male face for bohemian chic. Depp incorporates hats and scarves to create a look that’s all his own and it suits him perfectly. His style is unique for sure, and its mix of contemporary casual with gothic touches may only work on an actor of Depp’s distinctive look. But the bottom line is, it works.

Idris Elba









What makes Elba one of the best dressed men is that he knows how to flatter his body shape. He is the epitome of the man wearing the clothes, and not the other way round. Imran Amed, founder and editor of the Business of Fashion said: “Equipped with the kind of natural machismo that makes dressing seem effortless, Idris Elba wears clothes that casually challenge conformity with verve and confidence.”

George Clooney









George Clooney may be the perfect example of a handsome man who knows how to dress. He is smart, handsome and funny, but according to Giorgio Armani, he also makes a suit look “simply fantastic.” Apart from Clooney’s killer good looks and his old world style charm, he has an evergreen sense of style. Today, Clooney’s off-screen style is every bit as classy—and classic. Whether bearded or not, no one looks sharper in a black tuxedo on the red carpet.

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2 responses to “Best dressed men in Hollywood”

  1. Patricia says:

    The hottest Hollywood actors really know how to dress and have a great taste. This is one of their charming manners. I have always loved men, who know the tastes in clothes and always preferred classical style that makes a man look male, and well-groomed. These actors follow classic style, taking in consideration their appearance nuances when choosing colors and additional accessories. I agree to the rating and cannot stop admiring these sex idols. M-m-m-m-m-m! )))

  2. Teresa says:

    Oh, my Gosh! These men are just head turners! They are perfect not only by the way they dress, look, but also the way they act and talk. I wish I knew them personally. Still, sometimes it is better to live in a sweet dream as when you face people for real you can get frustrated having great expectations. Yes, when discussing looks, they are just perfect to my eyes! YA!!!