Beyoncé gets free clothes from Topshop

beyonce Beyoncé arrived in London on Thursday for her scheduled shows at the O2 Arena.

First concert was on Friday, but before that the singer spent three hours shopping in Topshop store on Oxford Street. Beyoncé chose new clothes for herself and her family and friends and it was all for free.

A source told the Sun newspaper: ”Topshop boss Sir Philip Green had personally invited Beyoncé to go and take whatever she wanted. She decided to go on Thursday on a night of from her Mrs Carter Tour and took along her entourage and baby. Bey picked up clothes for herself, friends, family and her daughter, all for free.”

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4 responses to “Beyoncé gets free clothes from Topshop”

  1. Elize says:

    If there is a chance to get clothes for free, so why not? Even if you are Beyonce. There is not big about it. Free things are always pleasant to receive for any person despite the income and society status. I would also use such an opportunity and would shop for my close people as well. This is life, so take chance of any opportunity it provides you with.

  2. Kitty says:

    I don’t buy it, Beyonce is a star of the first grade, so I am sure she was not dressing in some kind of Topshop as a person who is going through some need. That is awkward, she can afford herself buying the entire store, and when set in on fire and built a new one instead of the previous, and it still won’t affect her bank account. So I guess it is all bul***t and some sort of media propaganda in Great Britain, I guess if Beyonce would have a clue about that than someone would certainly wake up with huge problems made by Beyonce’s husband, who loves her more than anything in the world and would do anything in order to protect her, and their child.

  3. Lara says:

    I love Beyonce, and have no clue how did she managed to stay same pure and innocent girl as she was by the time when she was starting her carrier in the “Destiny’s Childs”, usually when young people become famous suddenly they start behaving arrogant and treat people around them as if they were some insects or garbage, or start abusing alcohol and drugs. Beyonce is not one of those, she managed to stay as kind and nice with people as she always was, and I guess that it is her merit. Her song “I was here” has made me cry, as it is so simple but yet has so much sense in it. I loved it, and hope that she will create many other songs of the same kind. Anyway she is such a wonderful person, that everything she creates is also very beautiful. I respect and appreciate that.

  4. Connie says:

    When I see Beyonce, I can’t stop thinking of how blessed this woman really is, she has a great carrier built on her own ambitions and efforts, she has a wonderful husband for whom she is the entire world, and though they are together for a very long period of time he still looks at her as on the most beautiful woman he have ever seen, and she has a gorgeous baby daughter. I think she is so happy and blessed due to the fact that she is a very kind person by herself, and as a result she gets what she is giving. Everything in the world has a balance, so the more good things you are doing the more good things you will get in return.