Big stars who started in horror movies

Sure, they are stars now but even the most famous Hollywood actors and actresses had to start somewhere. Getting into the acting world is not that easy and many A-list celebs started their careers in horror movies. Here are some stars whose acting beginnings have to do with horror films.

Jennifer Aniston








Just a year before Friends, Aniston played the lead in the B-movie Leprechaun, battling the pint-sized titular Irishman. After she became famous, the studio lazily pasted her photo on the video cover and changed the tagline from “Your luck just ran out” to “Her luck just ran out.”

George Clooney








George Clooney, one of the most powerful actors in Hollywood, began life on the big screen through a few appearances in some unconventional horror films. His first main role came in the sequel to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1988). However, his true start in the movie world came in a small role as an early victim in Return to Horror High in 1987.

Matthew McConaughey








As a struggling young actor, McConaughey landed the role of the villain Vilmer Sawyer, brother of horror icon Leatherface, in the lame Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel, The Next Generation. The film languished in limbo for a while, but when McConaughey and co-star Renee Zellweger both found fame, the studio suddenly decided to release it in 1997.

Renee Zellweger








Like fellow Texan Matthew McConaughey, Zellweger found herself co-starring in this lame sequel early in her career. Zellweger plays one of the hapless victims and this is her first main role.

Kevin Bacon








Before he became a star, Bacon played one of Camp Crystal Lake’s unfortunate counselors who takes a spike through the neck halfway through the film in the very first Friday the 13th, which came out in 1980.

Leonardo DiCaprio








Critters is a series of four films that is perhaps best known for including a seventeen year old Leonardo DiCaprio in its third installment in 1991.

Jim Carrey








A-list funnyman Jim Carrey’s first major role was in a vampiric horror film, Once Bitten (1985). He plays a virginal teen seduced by a vampiress. The film didn’t do particularly well, nor was it particularly impressive, and Carrey is rumored to be ashamed of it.

Tom Hanks








He Knows You’re Alone (1980) is a little known slasher film that starred Tom Hanks as Elliot, a psychologist who spends the majority of screen time either psychoanalysing other characters or whining. While Hanks portrays him well the character is confusing at the best of times, and was actually originally written to be killed off. However, Hanks was so impressive in his debut that the filmmakers cut out his death because Elliot became more likeable than they had originally expected.

Demi Moore








Moore was just 19 when she co-starred in the low-budget 3-D monster movie Parasite (1982) directed by cult film director Charles Band.

Sharon Stone








Deadly Blessings was one of Sharon Stone’s first roles. She briefly appeared in Stardust Memories and then had just a bit speaking part in Deadly Blessings. The roles may have been small, but they worked!




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