Bill Skarsgard Talks About ‘Hemlock Grove’

bill-skarsgard-hemlock-grove-exclusive-interview Hemlock Grove is a hot new mystery/horror/thriller series that premiers April 19 and Bill Skarsgard plays one of the lead roles. His character Roman Godfrey is a troubled young man who wants to solve the murders in the town and redeem himself that way.

In an interview for Just Jared Bill spoke about the show. Here’s what he had to say. Asked what the most attractive thing about Hemlock Grove is, he said: “To me, the mysteriousness of it. I read the pilot and I had no idea what the show was about or what the characters/creatures were. It was so appealing and interesting, it was really weird and strange, but really appealing at the same time. I felt like I needed to know more, so just judging from the pilot, what really captivated me was it was so strange and weird, but I just wanted to know more about these characters.”

22-year-old actor also commented working with Famke Janssen: “We became good friends and she’s really, really cool. She’s super talented and experienced. As a young actor, you just want to try to learn as much as possible.”

Hemlock Grove is based on Brian McGreevy’s novel and it will be available on Netflix.hemlock-grove-stills

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