Blake Lively: Having a personal life has been really nice


Last year Blake Lively decided to take a break from the spotlight so she could focus on her relationship with Ryan Reynolds and spend more time with her husband.

The Gossip Girl star says it was a good decision and she enjoys her personal life right now.

Speaking to the April issue of Elle magazine, she said: ”Having a personal life has been really nice. I’d been on Gossip Girl 10 months a year for six years, shooting 15-hour days, so I hadn’t had time to just be since I graduated from high school.”

”It’s been nice to kind of settle into my own skin and work on things I really love,” she added.

Blake is currently filming The Age of Adaline.


“There’s a whimsical suspended reality to it that I love,” she said about the movie. “And the fashion! You don’t even need a title card to tell you what year it is — the clothes and the makeup are part of the storytelling.”

When it comes to her personal style, the 26-year-old beauty says it has changed throughout the years.

“The older I get, I guess I wear less sparkles. And I know that someday my knees are going to look like elephant knees. But for now, my hemlines are still pretty high.”


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4 responses to “Blake Lively: Having a personal life has been really nice”

  1. Amanda says:

    Getting back to personal life is nice, but working hard kills the family. Still, actors manage it somehow. I just feel she got lucky in life nothing that really gets you about her, maybe it’s just me who knows??? Didn’t miss her did anyone else?

  2. Courtney says:

    Well I guess it is a wonderful thing that Blake Lively finally got some time for herself only, I didn’t even imagined that “Gossip Girl” required so much of her time and for the six full years. Awe my God that is really amazing, the more I read about all types of filming and stuff the more I respect the cinema industry. I am very happy for Blake, she was able to find a truly wonderful man who suffered a lot in his previous marriage with Scarlett Johansson, and I do hope that Blake will cherish the person he really is, and will not make him suffer as his previous wife did.

  3. Regina says:

    Honestly speaking it is a bit difficult for me to read this article about Blake Lively, as I am probably the biggest fan of the “Gossip Girl” ever. I have never seen any kind of TV show, that would look at least a bit like that one. All of the stars in it were simply shining, and I couldn’t take my eyes off from the entire wonderful dresses miss Serena Wander Woods was wearing. If my dreams were ever to come true than I would probably wish this TV show to continue pleasing us with its beautiful faces and fashion. I am glad the new movie there Blake is performing is one also about fashion, as she is a real professional, so who knows maybe it will be a sort of to be continued for the “Gossip Girl”?

  4. Trish says:

    Well of course it is pretty great that Blake Lively is so active at filming in new movies, but I don’t really understand why isn’t she concentrated more on her family and having children? Isn’t it the reason why she took an entire year off? I thought that it was the real reason, but maybe she is hiding something or simply has problems with getting pregnant? I am sure it was not such a great news for her to find out that the ex wife Scarlett Johansson, of her husband Ryan Reynolds is being pregnant with her first child from her fiancée Romain Dauriac, especially for the fact that one of the main reasons Scarlett’s marriage with Ryan collapsed as she didn’t wanted to have a baby, while he was craving for it very much all ever since they met.