Brad Pitt wants Kings Of Leon to perform at his wedding


After partying all night with them, Brad Pitt wants the Kings of Leon to play at his wedding.

Brad and his fiancée Angelina Jolie have been planning to tie the knot since 2012, when they got engaged, but other commitments have delayed the wedding. Now they are hoping to finally get married this summer and Brad has found the right band for their big day.

A source told The Sun: ”Brad ended up partying with Kings of Leon last week. He spent most of the night talking to Caleb and he sounded them out about playing. It will happen if they can make the dates work.”

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4 responses to “Brad Pitt wants Kings Of Leon to perform at his wedding”

  1. Morris says:

    It would be cool if brad can have his desire fulfilled on the very special day with Angie! I am happy that our tastes with this amazing actor coincide. I am the greatest fan of their band and I wish I could at least peek the great wedding of this adorable couple! I wish them love and lasting marriage and more kids!

  2. Kelly says:

    Awe I can perfectly understand Brad Pitt, I love Kings of Leon as well, especially their song “Sex on the Fire”, I guess they are just awesome, and although this song is probably even older than I am, I feel myself very happy while listening to it, it gives so much energy and positive thoughts, I have never turned my attention on such things before in my life, but now I understand that it really works, it is important to be able to enjoy life, and find some good moments even in something that is small and at the first view not very important. And from the other side, if the whole delay with the wedding is due to the fact that Brad couldn’t get in touch with the band and agree on the dates, than he shouldn’t postpone the occasion because of it, there are many other good bands available.

  3. Rita says:

    I can clearly see that Brad Pitt has some very good taste, and I am very glad about that, I think it is important to have that. I think their wedding with Angelina will become the most important event of the year, though I have no idea which year, because as far as I understand they are engaged for three years already, for same quantity of children they have together ( I mean except the adopted ones, as they are not that family as real ones). Hmm I never wondered how Brad is feeling about the variety of children that Angelina has adopted, and he had to adopt them as well whether he wanted or not because otherwise his beloved woman would not turn her attention upon him, tough decision I should say, and the fact that he took it, is speaking a lot about his nature.

  4. Jane says:

    Finally I will see this wedding. I loved the pictures from Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston wedding, and I hope that the new ones from Brad and Angelina would be even better. Angelina is a gorgeous woman who knows how to show all the great features of her body, and to hide the ones that are not that great, like for example her wide shoulders. I like her a lot, she is one of my favorite actresses, and I think that Brad Pitt is a lucky bastard who doesn’t deserve her, but would become the happiest man on the Earth for some reason. Probably he has done something really good on this Earth, or is on his way to do it, otherwise I cannot explain his luck. Can’t wait to see Angelina’s dress!!!